A Worker’s Safety Guide on Handling Materials with Sharp Edges

sheet metal pressing

Manual handling of materials with sharp edges are among the leading causes of injuries in the engineering industry. Whether the injury is deep or not, workers won’t be able to perform properly and affect the overall productivity. This is why safety measures are important to keep everyone safe when handling metal sheets and operating sheet metal pressing procedures.

sheet metal pressing

1. No Direct Handling – If possible, manual handling should only be the last option. Use equipment like fort lifts, trolleys, and conveyor belts to transport materials. This way, nobody is at risk of injuries.

2. Remove Sharp Edges – Engineering companies, like Winward Engineering Ltd, and occupational safety experts suggest cutting sharp edges on pressings, so these won’t do any harm. Create a smooth edge to make the materials safe for manual handling.

3. Cover Sharp Edges – If the sharp edges are necessary for the engineering project, you should cover them instead. Use paddings and wraps to keep the edges from causing injury.

4. Personal protective equipment (PPE) –Employers should provide protective equipment to workers regardless of the nature of their job. Rubber, PVC, and Kevlar gloves, gauntlets, and armbands are some good examples.

Promote safety in the workplace when handling materials and sheet metal pressing. This way, the project won’t face difficulties and will finish on time.