Voles Will take Over America

Voles in the backyard

Voles in the backyardVoles are among the most common pests in the backyard. The small rodents actively try to eat the foundations from under people’s houses, but these can deal their own brand of serious damage: sheer numbers. One thing everyone should know about voles is that they have sex – and they have lots of it.

The Vole Invasion Strategy

Like most mammals, the vole doesn’t have a breeding season, which according to Edge Pest Control, means they can breed any time of the year. This means they can build an army of their family members in no time at all.

To shed some light on what everyone with a vole infestation is dealing with, here is a look at the reproductive capabilities of the little rodents. We already know that voles can reproduce anytime they want; to build an army, however, they need to wait until the impregnated female can breed again. The average gestation period of a vole litter is twenty to twenty three days, with the average litter size being around three to seven pups.

Vole Numbers

This means a single vole couple can breed ten to twelve times a year, creating a minimum of thirty to a maximum of eighty-four voles in twelve months. Nevertheless, eighty-four baby voles doesn’t sound like much of a threat. This would be correct until you realize that the amount of time for a vole to reach sexual maturity is a month after birth. Voles can make babies of their own just thirty days after their birth.

You’re probably looking at close to two hundred voles a year after initial infestation. The best course of action is to move the voles to another location before their numbers become uncontrollable. While these are common threats to any backyard, you can still find a way to prevent these pests from becoming a bigger concern.

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