Understanding the RFID System the Easiest Way

shopping carts

One of the biggest complaints most shoppers have is having to queue in long lines just to pay for their items. But imagine one day when all of these time-consuming processes are completely removed. All you have to do is fill up your cart, scan the items, and walk straight out the door. With the introduction of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, your shopping experience, among other everyday activities, will be more convenient.

shopping carts

How RFID Tags Work

RFID tags are bar codes that can communicate to a networked system through radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to track every data about your purchase. The product reader is connected to a huge network responsible for sending information to the retailer and product manufacturers. Afterwards, your bank will receive a notification to deduct the amount of the bill from your account.

Latest Innovations

While this technology has been around for four decades, production has been too costly for application on a large scale. But with the newer innovations, the technology has become more common in many industries. Active, semi-passive and passive RFID tags allow the RFID technology to be more accessible in other areas such as automobile, pharmaceuticals, and livestock. These tags are more affordable to produce. In addition, they can be small enough to fit almost any product.