Understanding the Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatments

Substance Abuse

Substance AbuseDrug and alcohol abuse are real problems plaguing families and individuals across the nation. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why people get hooked on drugs, and it’s even harder to figure out how to treat substance abuse.

While many medical professionals have tried and failed to treat this societal issue, more researchers attempt to save victims from themselves. Here are several of the common approaches to substance abuse treatment, as discussed by expert teams like those from Renaissance Ranch:


This is often the first step in substance treatment programs. If you drink lemon water to detoxify after the holiday binge, a substance abuser gradually reduces the amount of drug or alcohol taken in a day. This allows the body to slowly adjust to the absence of harmful substances. It is not necessarily a treatment, but it’s an important step.


It may be against your intuition to treat a drug addiction with more drugs, but medical professionals maximize the wonders of medication and use them for treating substance abuse. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, medicine can normalize brain function and prevent intense cravings for drugs or alcohol. Medication now exists for heroin, tobacco, alcohol, and other stimulant drug addiction.

The Criminal Justice System

The fines and prison sentence for drug possession varies across the fifty states. The penalties even vary per drug and amount of drugs found. Drug possession laws are strict and sometimes classify as felonious. While this approach attempts to correct criminal behavior attributed to substance abuse, it does not guarantee long-term treatment.

Behavioral Treatments

Psychologists often use a holistic approach to treating substance abuse. They use cognitive-behavioral therapy to help a person recognize where he or she is likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. A substance abuse counselor in Salt Lake City may also use motivational incentives to reward positive behavior. Group therapy is also common.

Treatment may be long-term, but with patience and care from the loved ones, a drug addict can recover from substance abuse. Some families prefer to return a substance abuser to the church to remind him or her of faith in God. A conservative substance abuse counselor in Salt Lake City may recommend this if necessary.

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