Your UK holiday: ‘As You Like It!’

UK tour

UK tourThe United Kingdom: from a whiff of freshly baked tarts to a taste of royalty; from the latest high-end fashion stores to the lofty medieval castles, just name it and the UK will serve it to you on a platter.

Planning a tour to the UK, but not sure how to go about it? Tailor-made tours will create your ideal UK itinerary. There are a many agencies offering these package tours, with all the relevant package information found in their websites. They will take care of the nitty-gritty and ensure a rejuvenating vacation.

How Do These Work? 
  • Step 1:
    Once you have browsed through the Internet, contact the site that suits the holiday you have in mind, and contact the agency.
  • Step 2:
    Based on your time frame, budget and interests, the agency will prescribe a custom itinerary.
  • Step 3:
    Confirm if the itinerary meets all your conditions, and book the transport and accommodations.
  • Step 4:
    Board a plane!

Accommodations may range from high-end luxury hotels to simple bed & breakfasts, traditional village inns, and historic buildings. Just take your pick based on your preference and your budget.


Agencies generally take the responsibility of booking air tickets. In addition, if you to have a chauffeur drive your own, you can hire them with the help of the agency. Pettitts clarifies that this does not mean you cannot drive your own, though, but in this case, the firm can link you to a car rental company.

Pros and Cons

 • Pros

1.Tailored tours: your budget and preferences being the final authority in all decisions.
2. Travel agency taking over all administrative, ‘boring’ responsibilities.
3. One can just concentrate on enjoying their time and not worry about every little detail.

 • Cons

1.Tailor-made tours may be more expensive.
2. The thrill and adventure of exploring a place all by one’s self and the freedom of travelling according to one’s whims are missing in the prearranged rigidity of package tours.

The UK is home to legends, fairy tales, and the high class of Europe’s golden age. Traveling to the British Isles is well worth the money if you research first and weigh out the pros and cons.

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