Tips on Securing Your Data: How to Prevent Anonymous from Hacking Your Network

Securing Your Data

Securing Your DataHacking systems is an easy activity for computer geeks, especially those that you see in movies getting into the government’s database. One person can already be a threat to your data, and a group is even more alarming. “Anonymous” is an international network of hack-tivists that gained fame by hacking and attacking numerous government sites in different countries worldwide.

The agents from NetStrategy say that network protection is vital in keeping the data secure. Loss or leaks will hurt your business, that’s for sure; the only question is how bad. While they rarely target private-owned sites, it’s better to put up solid protection of your database in case similar groups get interested in your site.

See Things in a Larger Sense

Don’t focus on a particular aspect of protection. You never know what these hackers think and which area of your site and database they’ll attack. Always consider a broader sense of security. The more you try to get ahead of them, the less prone you’ll be to experiencing surprise hack attacks.

Utilise Top-rate Protection

Don’t short change your protection measures. If you can get hold of the top security systems, do so. At least apply tried and tested content management software that automatically updates and comes with support and patches. Many say that customising settings on your own is an open feast for hackers.

Hash and Rehash Passwords

Reinforce your protection system with multiple layers of passwords. Make sure you frequently hash and rehash these codes stored in the databases. Hashing and rehashing passwords add layers of difficulty that may take a longer time for hackers to penetrate. Harder coding that takes more time threatens hackers.

Make their Hacking More Complicated

Keep in mind that when you set passwords, it has to be as complicated as possible. Use a combination of letters and numbers and don’t follow a pattern – be random. Longer passwords are stronger; usually this means more than eight characters. Moreover, when you change codes, avoid using the ones you’ve used before.

With the rise of the age of technology, machines and software systems are now integrated in much of the business processes. Protect your data from hackers by applying the strongest security measures.

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