Residential Window Tints vs Auto Tints

Auto Tints

Auto TintsWindow tinting has replaced draperies in blocking sunlight and improving privacy in most households. Now, tints are a part of both cars and homes to ensure privacy and protection. While both serve almost the same purpose, understand that window tint films for residential windows and those for cars are quite different in terms of their properties.

Here is a closer look at the how residential tints differ from their automobile counterparts:

Type of adhesive

One prominent difference between residential tints and auto ones is the type of adhesive used. The former uses a stronger and more permanent type of adhesive that is suitable for application on the flat glass panes of home windows. The latter has a curved surface, which makes the home window tints less useful for car applications.

Normally, the residential window film will have a dry adhesive that is easier to handle during the application process. The auto films will have acrylic adhesive, which requires greater skill when applying to car windows. Otherwise, the film sheet is likely to be ruined and rendered useless.

UV rejection levels

Another big difference between the two is in their UV rejection levels. A residential window tint can reflect up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. In comparison, the auto tints seldom reach this level, which is one reason cars get heated despite their windows being tinted.


Yet another difference that cannot be missed is the laws pertaining to the latter. As per the regulations that vary from place to place, there is a limit to the extent of tinting you can do to the car. Further, on an automobile, you are not allowed to tint the windshield too dark. In contrast, no such laws and limits are applicable to home window tints; you may tint them however you wish.

So if you are planning to get your home and car windows tinted at the same time, remember that buying a single roll of the film will not do. It is always better to call in the professionals to get the job done.

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