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Paints can be used on most surfaces and serve to protect and contribute to aesthetics. Thanks to constant innovation in the industry, there are now special paints available for different climates and specific applications. Paints are now made with different bases — oils or acrylics — and both types are extremely popular for residential painting in Pert

house paintingVisit a paint store and the sheer variety of finishes and colours are quite mind-boggling. If you are repainting the walls in your home, make sure to pick the right paint. Industry leaders like Global Decorating says working with experts can help ensure that all aspects, including but not limited to soundproofing, rust proofing, and texture is covered.

Why Textured Paint is Popular

Textured paint is popular because it helps add interest to walls and does not require a primer coat. It is used quite regularly to cover up drywall joints and to make surfaces look even and seamless. Some types of textured paint available are as follows:

Premixed Paint: This paint comes in containers and all you have to do is mix it well before starting up a job. This can be used in areas where details are not noticeable like ceilings and exteriors. Sand is used to add texture and the good thing with this kind of paint is that it offers visual interest. Imperfections are not very visible from a distance.

Self-mixing Paint: Residential painting companies use this often, as it is usually what homeowners ask for. Texturing materials are available for addition and one can add as much or as little texture based on the project.

Smooth Texture: This type of paint is quite thick and has to be applied painstakingly with a trowel or other small instrument for the desired effect. This paint is often used to mimic plaster or stucco and takes effort – the final product is quite spectacular.

What makes textured paint interesting is that it is available in a variety of finishes – one can choose from glossy, eggshell, flat or matte finishes. A good residential painting company can do any kind of painting based on the size of the job, budget and customer needs.

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