Real Estate Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Newly Renovated Home

Newly Renovated HomeReal estate can be complicated. With different issues affecting the industry such as foreclosures, rising house prices and mortgages, it’s no surprise that most people are wary to dive into the unknown that is real estate.

From renovation needs to buying a property through SMSF, acknowledges the fact that people who try real estate may get confused. To resolve their questions, homeowners ask for expert opinion and professional advice.

Unfortunately, some people are deceived by the following myths:

Myth 1 – I Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent

People who believe they can survive real estate without an agent are in danger of misunderstanding the complexities of selling their home. Realtors and agents exist to aid homeowners in selling and negotiating.

When it comes to buying or selling homes, there’s a growing need for mediators. If you try to sell your house on your own, chances are that your buyer will have a hard time trusting you due to your lack of house marketing knowledge.

Myth 2 – Newly Renovated Homes Sell More

Renovating can increase your home’s value, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell more. Consider where you invest your money and if those changes add value to your current. To increase your property’s value, it’s best to know your home’s current value range first.

Myth 3 – The Best Time to Sell is (Insert Season Here)

Some believe that spring is the best real estate season. Others vote for winter.

In reality, the best time to sell a house is when you are ready, when the market is doing well and when there are a number of buyers available. Neither the season, nor the month matters; the market and your home are your primary considerations.

To know if it is the right time to sell, you may want to check online or your neighbourhood.

Myth 4 – I Won’t Sell Unless It’s at the Price I Decide

We all want to sell our homes, at our preferred prices. Nevertheless, if you place an unreasonable value on your home, no one would buy it. Have your property valued properly to avoid disappointments and to make sure it sells.

3 Comments on Real Estate Myths and the Truth Behind Them

  1. I always thought that I could sell my house at my price. Apparently not. Still hoping I could get a good sale on my house despite its possible value.

  2. I’m not a believer in real estate agents. I think some of them charge more than what they really should. Sometimes they’re the ones who also lead customers to myths. I guess if you really need to hire one, you should find one from your friends.

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