Quitting Through E-Smoking


E-CigaretteCigarettes are detrimental to health. People who smoke are aware of this but still suffer from addiction to this dangerous habit. They try to quit, but either due to lack of willpower or due to addiction to nicotine in the cigarettes, they could not completely give up smoking.

An e-smoking device or an e-cigarette is an alternative, as these are not as harmful as actual cigarettes. ShopSupplementCenter has some information about these devices below.

An Overview of an E-Cigarette

These electronic tools come in the shape of a cigarette, and do not contain tobacco. They have a cartridge that produces vapors when heated, which users can inhale just as they would a normal cigarette. This tool does not produce the carcinogens associated with tobacco, although some variants contain nicotine.

Gradual Quitting

These can help you give up cigarettes if used in a planned manner. As you can choose the level of nicotine in these tools, you should slowly reduce nicotine until you reach a variety with no nicotine at all in it. Gradual reduction of nicotine allows a user to quit completely without any withdrawal symptoms.

It Takes Time

People who smoke many packs in a day will take longer to quit. Addiction consultants recommend that these people use normal cigarettes along with these tools, and then gradually bring down the use of normal cigarettes before they completely transfer to this tool.

Many smokers try quitting this too afterwards, to completely wean themselves off nicotine. This takes time, though.

Remember that it is just a tool, but it is ultimately up to you to find the will power to actually quit and never return to smoking. Still, all addictions are hard to deal with, so it is a good idea to find all the help that you can – and an e-cigarette is a good way to start the process.

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