Millionaires in the Making: 3 LLC Formation Mistakes to Avoid


Creating a business is a goal many people dream of. Those who are just starting with their ventures often commit beginner’s mistakes. Filing an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is easy, but managing all of its other aspects can be stressful and complicated.


Here are some things to take note of when creating a business:

Incorrect structure of business

Many people don’t get enough advice before establishing a business. More often than not, people rely on family and friends for help. It’s better, however, to seek advice from business experts and consultants. It saves a lot of money and potential future headaches.

Not putting your assets into the entity

Never mix your business expenses with personal ones. Not only is it a headache to manage them together, it also increases the risks of your company facing legal action in the future.

Failing to complete Operating Agreement

When you file an LLC, fix your financial and working agreement to make it compatible with that of the co-owners. This is the key document that sets out how the company functions. Not having one may cause legal problems in the future.

When you plan to start your own company, you’re building something that can grow your wealth and create opportunities for others. Whether you’re setting up an LLC on your own or hiring a professional to handle it, these are some of the business mistakes to watch out for.