Is Your Marriage Making You Miserable? Secrets to Saving Your Relationship


MarriageMarriage can bring everlasting happiness and infinite blessings, but also anger, disappointment, and depression. When one spouse is miserable and stressed, the relationship suffers. Sometimes, it may lead to resentment, pessimism, and isolation.

A research shows that marital stress has a link with the symptoms of depression. Researchers discovered that people who experience chronic marital stress do not appreciate positive experiences, which is a sign of depression. Worth noting in the study is that it only showed a correlation. If you are experiencing relationship problems where the fun and sparkle seem to have faded, you should take it seriously. Let this article teach you how to take action.

Communicate Effectively

Sure, you can deal with the problems by yourself, but letting your spouse know what you feel is important. The foundation of a strong marriage is good communication. Whether you compliment your spouse, share what you’ve done for the day or cuddle and kiss, learning to communicate effectively is key to a healthy relationship. Communicate beyond words because what you say often doesn’t express what you really mean.

Seek Help Together

Depression is an illness, not to mention it’s as serious as life-changing diseases such diabetes and cancer. To resolve the differences and other issues, seek help together. Look for a reliable therapist and determine what method will work best for you and your problems. Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), for instance, is ideal to overcome stressful situations, identify problems, and enjoy closeness with the people in your life.

Know the Triggers

To prevent marital problems from making you depressed, you need to figure out what the triggers are. Sit down with your spouse and discuss what each of you feels and needs. Write down your thoughts about the relationship, then read them to your spouse. Are you angry because he’s not doing household chores? Do you want him to stop drinking? Knowing what causes the problems is the key to clear up any misunderstandings.

A marriage involves a lot of work, as there are plenty of things to be discovered and learned.

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  1. I went to a therapist last year and my husband agreed to join me. We are both eager to resolve our issues in hopes that we could talk through

  2. I spent many years feeling unhappy, worried, and miserable. It seems like arguing with my wide every day became part of my routine. Should I just leave and file for a divorce?

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