Lockets: Holding Keepsakes Forever


Lockets are famous jewellery pieces with a long history. Made popular during the Victorian era, they come in different types, including perfume lockets, funeral lockets and keepsake lockets. While these types have specific purposes, all of them allow owners to carry keepsakes close to their hearts.

Today, you will find lockets in different colours, designs, and materials. Here is a list of popular styles you can get for yourself, friends and family:


Charm Lockets

Teenagers and young adults love charm lockets, as they can use them in many ways. You can wear your virtue charm keepsake locket as a pendant, make it a part of your composable bracelet or use it as a zipper pull. As charm lockets are generally small, they are perfect for storing tiny items, such as grains of sand from your recent trip to the beach. You can also use them to store rice grains with names and drawings on them, which are popular among teens.

Oversized Lockets

Oversized lockets are great pendants for long chain necklaces. When you want to carry a bigger picture of your loved one, oversized lockets are great for you. Furthermore, you can use these accessories to carry larger mementos or photos. You will find oversized lockets made from different materials, including gold, silver and plastic. For accessories that last for a long time, consider getting some made of high quality materials that do not tarnish easily.

Etched Lockets

Etched lockets are often personalised items with designs, such as religious symbols, words and patterns. Virtue Keepsake etched lockets are popular gifts for different occasions, including birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Shimmer Lockets

You will also find lockets with beautiful gems and other adornments. Some gemstones used on these accessories are diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphire. When giving a shimmer locket as a gift, choose one with the birthstone of your friend or loved one.

Lockets are great gifts for all occasions; you can never go wrong with them. Remind your loved ones how much you care by giving them lockets with special tokens inside.