Living the Uni Life: A Survival Guide for London-Based Students

The university life is one of the most interesting phases in a person’s life. It marks that first taste of total freedom and independence – away from all the rules, but not from responsibilities. It is truly a liberating phase for every young adult. Nevertheless, the uni life also has its pitfalls. For one, it’s very easy to run out of money halfway through the week.

london schoolWith that said, students need a proper survival guide to beat all the odds and make the most of their collegiate experience. Here are some insights for you to trudge through the university life without a hitch:

Find a Good Place

In most cases, you will spend your first year living in the halls. This is the perfect time to socialise and meet new friends. At one point, you will find yourself wanting to leave the university – and you can only do that without spending too much through having friends with whom you can share the rent. As the folks at say: many cheap hostels become the go-to place of students in their second and succeeding years in the university. Thus, your connections matter if you want to save on student accommodation.

Juggle Work and School

It’s easier to manage your finances when you have a job to depend on for that extra income. It is, after all, the trend in the UK anyway. Do your best to land a part-time job whilst you are a student in the uni. A job not only gives you the extra money whilst you study, it also exposes you to real world experiences and improves your connections with different people. In the long run, that will benefit you greatly. Knowing people opens up many opportunities, especially for the career path you want to take.

Have Fun Responsibly

Whilst atuni, it is really tempting to spend every Friday night at the local bar or some other partying location. There is nothing wrong with having fun once in a while, but never forget your responsibilities. Know that at the end of the day, you are still a student with (hopefully) a part-time job who needs to memorise a few things here and there and take tests from time to time.

As long as you stick to these three tips, your uni life will be a little less challenging. In the end, not only will you obtain that degree, you would have accomplished that whilst feeling fun, happy, and fulfilled about it.

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