Japanese 2013 Autumn/Winter Trends

Autumn Fashion Style

Winter has arrived, and summer is just a distant memory now. Japan experiences extreme differences in temperatures over the course of four seasons, and winter brings its own distinctive styles.

Autumn Fashion Style

Popular Japanese fashion for this season are styles incorporating multiple layers to create an individualized look. Common themes for the 2013 Autumn/Winter season include:


The most notable color in the autumn/winter collections is navy. Many brands incorporated the color into their match ups. Associated with calmness and seriousness, navy blue on the runway served as the main and accent color. Designers often matched it with pattered items, such as floral print and plaid.


The big pattern for this season is houndstooth. As it goes with anything, this pattern is used by designers to elevate any causal ensemble and give it the extra “pop” it needs.

Short Blouson

For those with a boyish style, the short blouson can be a great choice. While made from a thin material, its design is also quite simple, making it easy to wear with a pair of overalls for a nice mix-match style.

Big Silhouette Jackets

Picking up from last year, the mannish, oversized jackets are still as popular as ever this year. The style adds volume to the otherwise slim appearance of pants and miniskirts, easily making it a returning trend.

With these trends, you won’t have to worry about being out of style this season. With that said, look for Japanese clothing online or offline that can bring out your inner fashionista.