Is Video Conferencing More Effective than Sending E-mails?

Conference Call

Conference CallThese days, travelling long distances to meet clients and partners is a waste of time, money, and energy. Many technologies now allow people to communicate with each other. A good example is video conferencing. Whether through software or instant messaging platforms, seeing a person real-time is almost similar to having them beside you.

Authorities at and audio, web, and video conferencing providers like believe that this collaboration tool could help businesses find an effective solution to meet all their needs. It’s fast, reliable, and might even be more dependable than sending an e-mail. Here’s why:

 No Time to Wait for Reply

The process of sending e-mails is two-way, but it’s not constant. You won’t have an idea if the recipient received or even read the e-mail you sent. The time you used waiting for a reply could’ve been for other productive tasks. Delays in communication can also make messages lose their meaning. With video conferencing, you receive feedback right after making a statement.

 An Effective Show and Tell revealed in their study that 65% of Americans are visual learners. Even if you present them with photos, it might still not be enough to communicate your message properly. Explaining through video is also easier because you don’t have to worry about grammar and punctuation. In fact, you can even include non-verbal communication to the message’s intended meaning.

 Promoting Real Teamwork

A video conferencing session encourages employee participation. After all, who wouldn’t act appropriately if they’re in front of the camera? Unlike e-mails, both sides can’t hide what they truly feel. Raising an eyebrow or displaying a straight face, for instance, can already give you a hint that they aren’t fully satisfied.

Businesses can make the most out of video conferencing. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t send e-mails ever again. It’s all about choosing the right platform to communicate better.

3 Comments on Is Video Conferencing More Effective than Sending E-mails?

  1. Travelling isn’t a total waste of time. What about signing
    contracts? You really have to meet with clients to explain everything so they
    will not complain (or file lawsuits!) about what it says.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you. But I think it’s still possible to
    use video conferencing with contract signings. For example, you can just talk
    about everything you want to say through video, send the contract over and have
    it signed, then send through a reliable courier.

  3. Video conferencing is cool… if you have a fast Internet
    connection and good software. The first time we tried it, it was a bad
    experience because we couldn’t understand each other at all.

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