Health Insurance: Oregon’s Minimum Coverage Requirements


Every state has a mandatory law for minimum health insurance coverage. This means that all Americans need insurance, and their states have strict rules to make sure that they follow. With that said, the “minimum” coverage for health insurance differs in every state. In the case of Oregon, here are the requirements:


Medical Benefits

All health insurance plans in Oregon should allow at least $50,000 of medical benefits per illness or accident.


The policy should cover at least $7,500 in repatriation of remains.

Medical Evacuation

When an exchange visitor catches a disease outside of their home country, the carrier must shoulder the medical evaluation expense amounting to $10,000.


This shouldn’t go beyond $500 per incident of illness or accident.

Other provisos

It’s fine for carriers to have a waiting period for those who have pre-existing conditions, as long as the time frame is reasonable per industry standards. In the case of a co-insurance, the exchange visitor should pay up to 25% of the coverage’s benefits per incident. The insurance shouldn’t exclude coverage without valid reason.

Health insurance is important for every person, as this is a form of safety should an accident happen. It is best that you get your own coverage prescribed by law.