Going Green with LED Signage

LED Signage

LED SignageLight emitting diode (LED) technology has changed the digital signage industry, among others. Business owners who have lots to say in their advertisements now have the ability to get their message across without needing additional material. They’re able to provide real time information to potential clients, as well. LED signage isn’t only eye-catching; it’s also safe and practical.

Here are some ways in which LED signs can help your business go green:

Long Lasting

LEDs can last up to 20 times longer than other digital signage, so you don’t need to replace them often. All you need is to focus on their maintenance, which is more financially feasible than setting up a new one. As such, you can use your funds for other important expenses. LED signage reduces the need to spend on manufacturing, packaging, shipping or transporting, and installing them in their locations.

Adaptable and Reusable

Most LED signs use red, blue, and green matrices to create a variation of colours. If you want to change the contents of your signage, all you need is to ask your commercial signage company to reprogram the board that contains the commands of the display. Instead of throwing the signage out when they’re not needed, you can make the most of them.

Green and Safe

LED signs release minimal heat, which means that they’re safer to use for extended hours because there’s no risk of starting a fire. LEDs need only a small amount of electricity – some can need only as low as 10-watts – than other digital signage, so electrical hazards are much lower. It’s possible to make them work with the help of alternative solutions like solar panels to avoid faulty wiring, as well.

LED signage is changing the way businesses think about their advertising and marketing efforts. Apart from being an effective means to grab attention, they can help your business go green and save more.

3 Comments on Going Green with LED Signage

  1. Ads are too expensive so I have to thank whoever invented LED signs. I can display as many text as I want without worrying about any limits. Pretty handy if you’re in a budget.

  2. The only problem I have with LED signs is when you have to wait for it to start again when you’ve seen it midway. Other than that I have nothing agaisnt it. It’s a good way to attract people.

  3. LED really makes your business finances easier. You don’t only save money on electricity but only need a one-time big time payment for signage and you’re good to go for many years to come.

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