Getting Kids to be Physically Active

playing catching ball

playing catching ballKids today are way more different from before. You can’t deny that technology has altered the way people view the world, and this is particularly true for kids. They are what many people call the “digital natives,” meaning they have access to computers and smartphones even at a very young age.

Instead of running around the fields or playing hide and seek, many children prefer to get stuck in front of their computers. Some even explore the wonders of social media. There’s nothing wrong about it, but if there’s one thing that may get compromised, it is their physical health.

Encourage your kids to be physically healthy through these tips:

Introduce Some Activities to Them

If you notice that your kids don’t engage in physical activities, bring the activities to them or take them where the fun happens. You can enlist them in sport clinics. Buy a trampoline or get them a bike. You may introduce activities that you used to do when you were young, such as kite-flying, hopscotch Dodgeball. If you want a more modern approach, AntiGravity Fitness suggests letting them practice aerial yoga poses taught by licensed instructors.

Get a Dog

Doctors don’t only recommend dogs as pets because they can help lower stress levels. They’re ideal pets because they encourage their owners to engage in physical activities. Exercise is part of taking care of a dog’s health; you will need to walk or play with them every now and then to maintain their vigor.

Schedule a No-Tech Day Once a Week

Make it a point to keep technology away from your kids at least once a week. Keep their tablets, smartphones or game consoles for a while and let them have fun outside with friends. To entice them, tell them that you’re going to give some goodies at the end of the day.

These are only some of the strategies to get your kids to play outside and forget technology for a while. Making them physically active has many benefits: they will develop strong muscles and bones, control their weight, and get better sleep.

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