Excavation Equipment – How to find the right rental company

hiring excavator

hiring excavatorThe equipment used in excavation projects is in demand in different sectors of industry: mining, construction, and road construction, among others. Excavators are usually categorised by their weight in tonnage, not by their work capacity. The overall tonnage plays an important role in an excavator’s digging capability. Big frames can accommodate long booms. This kind of equipment can be pricy, so most companies choose to rent one, instead of buying.

There are a few companies offering excavator hire Perth engineers rely on that have a comprehensive range of excavators that are useful for residential, civil and mining as well. The machinery used for excavations is usually listed on a company’s website by the manufacturer, along with details on their capacity and ways they can be used.

Available Equipment Categories

Backhoes are among the most versatile and sought-after pieces of equipment. These perform a multitude of tasks, like digging ditches, foundations of buildings and even trenches. The digging arm is mounted on the side or front of the tractor. Backhoes are for jobs as diverse as planting trees and laying telephone cables.

Most excavator hire companies usually offer a combination of machines for hire. Some of the most popular combinations are an excavator and bobcat to dig and tidy up around project sites easily. Rental companies offer machines that can perform different functions as a combo package.

Dozers are yet another valuable piece of equipment currently in demand, especially in construction. These powerful pieces of equipment move around on wheels or tracks, depending on the surface/terrain they have to navigate. Dozers have the built in capacity to move vast amounts of material, including soil. Choosing the right blade for the job is important as well; a rental company will be able to help in making the right choice to avoid any delay in the construction process. For instance, dozers can even cut tree stumps.

Most excavator hire companies rent out equipment at reasonable prices and save companies money, which they would have had to invest in buying. Depending on need and location, many of these companies have branches around Australia, making it easy to rent and get projects completed in a timely manner.

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