Emergency Water Containers in Survival Kits

Emergency Water Containers

Emergency Water ContainersSurvival kits are very important during calamities – both man-made and natural. If you are stuck with your family in a disaster zone, then this kit will help sustain you until help arrives. Keeping a kit like this replenished regularly, at easy-to-reach locations, will add to your safety even in the face of danger.

• Be prepared for calamities

Today terrorism is enough to create a warlike situation, and natural disasters strike without notice. So being equipped with enough supplies is important. You should keep all the necessary supplies in lightweight survival kits, which you can use wherever you are or able to carry with you if you need to evacuate.

• The most important content

The primary content in this should be an emergency water box. Of course you should have a first aid kit with fresh medicines and supplies. You should also have nonperishable food in the form of canned food, energy drinks, energy bars, chocolates, dried food, etc. But water is a primary need for survival. So you should have adequate drinking water. During disasters the pipelines might get affected and your home might get cut off. Your emergency water container will come in handy during such situations.

• Other readiness measures

While you should have sealed containers of water for dry areas, you should also carry purification tablets or bleach with you. This will help you purify the water if you fear any kind of contamination due to the disaster or otherwise. Biological purification equipment is also available but it might be too heavy to carry.

You can also use heavy duty aluminum foil to remove the salts. You can create a distillation tube with the foil and use it to remove salt from saltwater during boiling. You will also need a vessel to collect the condensed liquid. This way you can survive on seawater if you are stranded close to a beach.
Besides the kits, keeping yourself updated on the various survival techniques will also be very useful.

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