Eclectic Finds and Surprising Office Ideas

Easy Office Ideas

Easy Office IdeasOffice spaces remind us of routines and the bore of everyday tasks. They are mapped out the same way, desks and partitions are all identical, floors and walls in neutral hospital colors, and hardly without any space for creative design. These are said to bring out an environment that is most suitable for corporate work.

Does it, really? Productivity can be affected by the aesthetics of the space. Designing work spaces to inspire productivity doesn’t mean style has to be compromised. It’s easy to spice up your office with just a few tricks and without spending so much.

Color, color, color

Most office walls are prescribed to be white to facilitate concentration. But color can be incorporated in the interior design by other means. Peel off that carpet and replace it with red for an instant pop. Add colored plastic chairs in the pantry for an added fun during breaks. Swap the sad grey trash bin for a green one and that’s both a message and a splash of color.

DIY Wonderwall

Whoever said freedom walls ended in university? Pick up a used chalkboard or a corkboard (or use half of both – it looks more fun!), tack it up the wall and there you go – an instant wonderwall. Instruct your staff to feel free to pin anything, scribble anything, from little office reminders, to inspirational quotes, to secret messages to office crushes, and a lot of fun will surely ensue.

Vintage and rustic furniture

Lend a little style and character to desks and chairs by checking out your local shops. Main Street Office Furniture is a family-owned company in Utah that sells new and used high quality office furniture. From chairs to conference tables, they have a range of eclectic and luxury pieces that carry a story. If you’re aiming for a more eclectic look, why not check out flea markets selling cool antique chairs and tables. That will add interest and even become a conversation starter among your staff and even your clients.

Corner of curiosity

Other than a reading nook, why not add a little shelf filled with a variety of interesting trinkets from everybody? This corner can inspire plenty of meaningful conversations and spark story sharing during office downtime. Make sure to replace the pieces every now and then for a batch of fresh life curiosities.

These easy office space updates do not only spice up the aesthetics of the room, but also inspire productivity and genuine human connection. Plus with these eclectic but surprising ideas, there is really no need to splurge to bring your office interior design up a notch.

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  1. Of course, there are constraints when it comes to an office’s decorative scheme. Neutral colors are naturally prescribed for corporate spaces. Those suggestions are great, but an office space is an office space, not a lounge area or a place for your childhood trinkets nobody wants to hear about.

  2. Buying used furniture is great! Last time, I got a desk that was previously owned by Dolly Madison, before she was a Madison, of course. And I got an antique Venetian mirror from the Dempsey family! At an unbelievably low price!

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