Do It Yourself: Cleaning Your Home’s Air Duct System

Home Air Duct

Home Air DuctWhen your air ducts are clogged with dust and debris, a lot of things can happen. All that dirt can cause respiratory problems to you and your loved ones, or if you’re in an office setting, your employees. It’s necessary to be able to perform proper air duct cleaning yourself and in this guide, we’ll talk about exactly just that.

Before we begin, keep in mind that most cleaning professionals recommend that you consult with them before attempting any cleaning yourself. They can help prevent any major disaster you might run into.

What You’re Looking For

Your home’s duct system can cost you a lot of money in utility bills if they are left unchecked and unclean. In addition, they could also expose your family to mold, dust and other harmful elements that get built up within your walls. If you suspect that your ducts need cleaning, look for obvious cracks and leaks in your system. You can tell where dust escapes by noticing certain streaks of dirt at juncture points and open spaces where air enters and exits freely. A professional may be able to determine leaks by forcing air through your system.

Things You Need

A bucket with three parts water and one part household cleaner, some rags, a brush for applying air duct sealant, a screwdriver, some zip ties for attaching ducts and a lot of time, about twenty minutes per duct.

How to Do It

Detach the outer and inner liners from the connectors. These may be on your ceiling or on your wall. Use rags soaked in cleaner solution and wipe the liners clean, reaching as far inside as your arms allow. You should expect to only be able to clean the ends of the ducts.

Brush mastic or an air duct sealant lightly over the inner liner and slide them back into the metal duct connector.

Repeat this process for all the vents and ducts in your home and you should be dust and mold free for a good few weeks!

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