What Causes Frequent Mood Swings?

Frequent Mood Swings

Frequent Mood SwingsOne moment you’re happy, and just a few minutes later you’re in despair, or oddly annoyed at people around you. Usually, mood swings are just due to hormones, and pass with time. But what if they happen far more often than normal?

Constant, uncontrollable mood swings get in the way. They can strain relationships, affect your work, and make you less happy in general. Understanding what causes them, though, is the first step to solving the problem.

1. Stress and anxiety – This one should be obvious, and it is also arguably the most common cause as well. When you have far too much on your plate to deal with, it is easy to suddenly snap at people without meaning it. Find ways to reduce the stress you experience on a regular basis, and you will find that it has a drastic effect on your mood.

2. Poor health – Your lifestyle and diet play a large part in how well-balanced your mood is. Things like not eating well, sleeping poorly, and an excessive intake of caffeine and sugar can leave you with much less control over what you feel.

To maintain proper nutrition, keep a well-balanced diet and take natural health supplements from suppliers like vidamd.com. Drink more water, and fit at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. Picking up new, active hobby can also work wonders.

3. Psychiatric causes – Finally, there is always a chance that your mood swings have a medical explanation. Depression, personality disorders, and many other conditions all have a significant effect on your mood. In these situations, you should always approach a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. The earlier a person seeks help, the easier it is to recover.

Although most people joke about it, mood swings are not a laughing matter. These impulses can hurt both you and the people in your life. It is always worth trying to change things for the better, and finally get rid of chronic moods swings.

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