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5 Types of Content that Work Best as Evergreen

Evergreen Content

Evergreen ContentEvergreen ContentThe year may have changed, but the SEO gameplay remains the same. Up until now, you still lag behind if you don’t come up with compelling pieces of content that drive traffic to your site. For this reason, you have to tap all viable channels to boost your online presence, including evergreen content.

Why should you create evergreen content? explains that this type of content holds a lot of value in SEO. Given that the articles have virtually no expiration date, its content remains fresh and valuable for all readers.


If there’s one thing that doesn’t change in every industry, it’s the jargon. When you want evergreen content, one of your best choices is to write a glossary of sorts. Include all the acronyms and technical terms in your industry and define them.

These terms are highly unlikely to change, so there would be little to no maintenance after you publish this article. Most likely, the only thing you’ll do is add a few more terms here and there as the industry progresses.


There will always be newcomers in every industry. Now, these people need a single resource where they can learn the basics of the field – which is where FAQs come in handy.


How-to posts generate a lot of traffic; more importantly, they are evergreen. Now, you might say that there are hundreds of how-to articles available online. While that is true, the secret is to set yourself apart from other websites by making your articles unique, no matter how common your topic is. For instance, you can add rich media – such as illustrations, photographs, and videos – of every step to make the instructions clearer.

Historical Articles

Most people underestimate the value of historical articles, but this type of content is something every blog needs. What’s good about this is that everything is educational, like a trivia article. Moreover, curating the content is easy enough, as there’s no update necessary unless something relevant happens.


List posts will always work, especially if you write it well. This type of content is easy to read and attention-grabbing. More importantly, lists add more information to the reader’s knowledge without taking the form of a 300-page book.

Now, not because you write evergreen content does it mean you no longer have any work to do. Although evergreen content has lasting value, you still need to update it from time to time. Remember: the information you share must be up-to-date. Ergo, occasional revisits on your blogroll are still necessary to keep your content evergreen.

The Right Amount of Exposure: Choosing Online Branding Solutions

branding solutions

branding solutionsbranding solutionsThere is no denying that branding solutions are a significant part of keeping your business afloat despite tough competition. It is your duty as the owner to make sure you have a solution suited and geared to making your business a success. Affordable branding solutions are among the many ways you can increase your margins without having to spend much.

There are a lot of affordable branding solutions, but always remember that something affordable is not the same thing as something “cheap.” There are times when “cheap” is not suitable for your business because even with a lower price, you also have to pay for other services that are not included in that “cheap” package.

So, here are some tips to find affordable branding solutions:

Define what your business needs. This is one of the criteria that you should consider heavily, so you can easily find packages that have your requirements with one-time fee or subscription. Narrowing down your search would be easier if you know what package you are looking for. • Look for reliable companies that offer the solutions or services necessary for the growth of your business. This is another important criterion when looking for a company to assist you with suitable solutions. This will help you in determining whether the solution you are applying is worth the investment. Reliable companies have reputations to protect, so they strive hard to maintain that reputation and stay in business. • Define what you mean by affordable. Affordability is a broad concept, which means it does not only look at the price of the package, but the quality of the product or service.

These tips are just the general overview of availing well-suited solutions. The final step of choosing which company to go for would exclusively rely on you.

3 Ways to Increase Visibility for Your Blog


blogblogYou wrote a compelling blog about an interesting topic and it sits there on your website waiting for readers. Days pass and you notice the problem: the blog is not gaining any hits or visits. If you’re in this dilemma, worry no more and read on these tips on how you can increase the visibility of your blog.

1. Provide entries related to the blog topic

Congratulations, your blog sparked the interest of the reader and they clicked on the post. If you are strategic at increasing the visibility of your blog, you will realise that the reader perhaps visited that blog post because of the topic. Experts who specialise in SEO services and content marketing strategies say it is important that you keep and feed that interest by providing links to related entries. Promote other blog posts at the end of the article; you may incorporate it in the over-all design of the site.

2. Offer social networking buttons

People want to promote interesting content through social networking sites. Take advantage of that and add social networking buttons on the site of your blog so that readers can easily share them. This will increase visibility and the possibility of the content to go viral. Make sure that you place the buttons in areas where readers can immediately see it.

3. Join forums and link blogs as a source of information

Forums are a wonderful space to gather information on what readers want to know and what problems are in need of solutions. But they are not just great sources of information, they also provide good opportunities for making your blog a credible reference for questions in the forum. Answer queries and end your comment with a link to your blog. With this, people who will visit the thread can see the link and may click on it for further reading.

Don’t forget to focus on constantly improving and beefing up your content. While you do this, reinforce your digital marketing efforts to increase visibility and drive traffic to the site.