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Want to Work in a Data Centre? Here’s How

Facebook Data Center

Facebook Data CenterFacebook Data CenterHave you seen the movie ‘The Matrix’? Large cities full of computer armies maintain humans like a farm for electric impulses. They use these impulses to power their machine army for an ongoing war with a small band of humans.

While in real life, this is far-fetched, there are huge ‘cities’ of machinery that exist today. These are called data centres, and these data centres exist everywhere. There are data centres in Africa as well as the rest of the world.

Data centre operators have highly dedicated specialists in the IT field, so if you’re looking for work, why don’t you try to work in a data centre?

Work as a Data Centre Operator

A data centre operator is a smooth operator, so to speak – if smooth means making sure huge servers run smoothly. A data centre in works the same way everywhere – you maintain the servers that companies use for their information infrastructure.

Are you willing to accept the responsibility for a large volume of data, or do you have a liking for computers? A career at data centres – the most famous of which are Google’s – may be the right fit for you.

Flexible Schedules

Data centre operators perform jobs assigned to them by their supervisor—whether the work is connected to hardware maintenance, or software checks. They are more or less associated with computers, and working as one can be your calling if you’re a natural techie.

Have you ever experienced chatting or playing on the computer until the wee hours of the morning? If you have, and that’s okay with you, you might be a fit for the night shift.

Usually, work in this field is done during regular hours, but these information farms need smooth operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, some IT companies offer shifting schedules and changing days-off.

As with any other work, you should think before you apply for a job opening. This job, regardless whether you work for a normal shift or a night one, or wherever it is based, could eventually become a manager or assistant manager in a data centre.

Gray Hair, Don’t Care: Elderly Abuse Prevalent in Many Nursing Homes

elderly abuse

elderly abuseelderly abuse40.3 million Americans, or 13% of the total population, registered as 65 or older in the 2010 census. This is the greatest number of proportion of residents over 65. This “Boomer Generation” effect is seen to last for several years to come. This also paves the way for higher chances of elderly abuse.

More than 1.4 million Americans were living in nursing homes as of December 31, 2012, which corresponds to 2.8 percent of the over-65 population and a little over 10% of the over-85 population. Abuse and neglect of these elderly populations are becoming national concerns.

Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect are the most common forms of complaints in nursing homes. Neglect happens when there is failure, either intentional or otherwise, to provide a patient with the care and services necessary to ensure they are free from harm or pain. It’s also a failure to react to a potentially dangerous situation that results in the patient being harmed.

Abuse, meanwhile, is the intentional infliction of injury, intimidation, punishment, unreasonable confinement, or any form of care deprivation that results in physical harm for the patient.

Signs and Symptoms cites the most common forms of negligence and abuse in nursing homes includes failure to monitor nursing home patients, to properly administer medications, and to rotate patients, which results in bedsores.

Other forms of abuse include dehydration, falls, gangrene, malnutrition, medication errors, and wrongful death, among others. Elderly abuse and neglect basically boils down to the breach of duty of careby nursing homes and other facilities.

Prevalence and Prevention

Based on data collected by the National Center on Elder Abuse, over 50% of nursing home staff surveyed admitted to mistreating patients. This involved physical abuse, mental abuse, and neglect in the older patients.

In a study from 1999-2001, it showed that about 30% of nursing homes violated federal standards—violations that could have possibly harmed residents. In a survey of 2,000 patients, 44% said they had experienced abuse in their nursing homes, and 95% said they experienced neglect firsthand or seen it through another resident.

Nursing home abuse was something that often went unnoticed in the past. With studies, reports, and congressional hearings about this type of abuse and neglect, however, hopefully instances of these unfortunate events will go down.

Locking-On Laser Alignment for Industrial Use

Laser Allignment

Laser AllignmentLaser AllignmentThe industrial sector relies on state-of-the-art technology, and for machining purposes that require a high level of precision, they need laser alignment. Laser technology is now so advanced that almost every field uses laser alignment technology, from huge projects to day-to-day operations.

What exactly is laser alignment and what are the advantages that this system confers to industrial applications? Here is a brief summary.

What is Laser Alignment?

Laser alignment is the process by which engineers align two shafts using a laser device, for extreme precision. Normally the tolerance is very low to be almost negligible. Laser aligning is important as any sort of misalignment, no matter how minute, will create premature wear and tear on the shafts or turbines, increasing costs and reducing device lifetime, or even break the machine completely.

There are several reasons why tunnel companies and other machinists use laser alignment. Some of these are:

• Accuracy

Lasers are extremely precise, especially in creating all sorts of industrial products. This minimizes wastage and increases the operating efficiency and productivity of any business. Moreover, using the technology also reduces maintenance and downtime costs, which lead to less manufacturing outlay and ultimately a better price for the end user.

• On-site Integrated Reports with Analysis

Using the system also allows the user to get on-site custom reports with analysis to measure accuracy. This is important in industries where large quantities of products roll out of the assembly line.

• Keeps You Competitive

The fact that a lot of companies in the industry now integrate laser technology into their processes means that lasers are now the standard in precision measurement. It ensures that the products you create adhere to the highest quality standards and made with utmost precision and highest attention to detail.

Laser alignment is the 21st century way of ensuring accuracy and precision. Any other method, when compared to it, looks primitive, rough, and inaccurate.

This is IT: Consulting To Increase Profit


Setting up a business venture or a start up is only the first step in the market. While increasing revenue does depend on the quality of your products or services, it also depends on how well you optimise your existing resources.

I.T.I.T.Concentrating on the Core Business

Your company should also be consistent in its performance to beat competition. For this, you need to focus on your core business. As there are various other elements in running a venture, including infrastructure, human resource management, networking, and technology, you will need to hire the right consulting firms to take care of these requirements.

Hiring the Right Consulting Firms

A specialist IT firm can handle infrastructure issues, resource management, accounting, and the like. If you pick the right agency to handle these issues you can conserve your capital and increase revenue.

IT solutions enable your company to manage enormous amounts of data. For example, managing customer data and report generation waste money and more importantly, time. According to OnePathSytems, an efficient IT scheme can capture, store and manage data on a streamlined platform, allowing convenient viewing and report generation.

There are various benefits of automation, such as:

• Reduce the number of employees in day-to-day operations through computerisation. This includes inventory, payments, receivables, accounting and other administrative work, and opens up slots for more capable personnel.

• All the necessary financial details of your company will be easily available with a click of a mouse.

• Cloud computing technology allows you to secure all data.

• Companies based in several locations or branches benefit from this immensely, as records are centralised. This scheme allows off-site employees to access the data from anywhere in the world.

Besides these, service providers can also advise you frequently on conserving your capital and other resources. They can also provide you with competition analysis and other relevant market research, so you can find ways to improve your company’s performance.

Living the Uni Life: A Survival Guide for London-Based Students

The university life is one of the most interesting phases in a person’s life. It marks that first taste of total freedom and independence – away from all the rules, but not from responsibilities. It is truly a liberating phase for every young adult. Nevertheless, the uni life also has its pitfalls. For one, it’s very easy to run out of money halfway through the week.

london schoollondon schoolWith that said, students need a proper survival guide to beat all the odds and make the most of their collegiate experience. Here are some insights for you to trudge through the university life without a hitch:

Find a Good Place

In most cases, you will spend your first year living in the halls. This is the perfect time to socialise and meet new friends. At one point, you will find yourself wanting to leave the university – and you can only do that without spending too much through having friends with whom you can share the rent. As the folks at say: many cheap hostels become the go-to place of students in their second and succeeding years in the university. Thus, your connections matter if you want to save on student accommodation.

Juggle Work and School

It’s easier to manage your finances when you have a job to depend on for that extra income. It is, after all, the trend in the UK anyway. Do your best to land a part-time job whilst you are a student in the uni. A job not only gives you the extra money whilst you study, it also exposes you to real world experiences and improves your connections with different people. In the long run, that will benefit you greatly. Knowing people opens up many opportunities, especially for the career path you want to take.

Have Fun Responsibly

Whilst atuni, it is really tempting to spend every Friday night at the local bar or some other partying location. There is nothing wrong with having fun once in a while, but never forget your responsibilities. Know that at the end of the day, you are still a student with (hopefully) a part-time job who needs to memorise a few things here and there and take tests from time to time.

As long as you stick to these three tips, your uni life will be a little less challenging. In the end, not only will you obtain that degree, you would have accomplished that whilst feeling fun, happy, and fulfilled about it.

Make Your Patio Attractive: Go for Concrete Patio Flooring


patiopatioYour patio is probably the first thing visitors see when they call on you. A shabby patio could create negative impressions of you and your home. A patio should have proper flooring, and simple and neat furniture; it must look comfortable and welcoming. You can also choose to keep pots and plants out on your patio to add to the aesthetics.

If you enjoy fresh air, you can place a rocking chair or a swing on your patio where you can comfortably sit in the evenings. If you think your concrete floor coating on your patio looks unattractive, you can simply apply a coating of concrete over the surface to revamp your patio and make it look more attractive.

Advantages of concrete patio flooring:

1. Concrete looks quite similar to stone flooring, and thus appears just as elegant as a stone floor. 2. Concrete is also long lasting and durable. When installed correctly, a concrete floor remains in near perfect condition for a very long time and requires less maintenance and fewer touch-ups. There are no messy tear-outs, either, when the concrete coating is applied properly. 3. Concrete coating for your patio is also a more cost-effective option compared to having real stone tiling installed. Moreover, the installation process is also much easier. 4. Unlike stone flooring options, you can choose to engrave designs in your concrete flooring on your patio. Once the coating is applied, you can choose to stamp, stain or even engrave patterns into the concrete to make it appear like bricks or slate. 5. Concrete patios are also easy to repair when they are damaged. You need not remove the existing layer of concrete, but can simply resurface your patio with a new coating of concrete over it.

If you are in the mood for a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, you can easily make a project out of installing or resurfacing your patio. But just to be sure you get the patio you really want, there are many professional contractors who have expert crew to do the installation easily and quickly.

Residential Painting – Beautifying Interior and Exterior Spaces

house painting

Paints can be used on most surfaces and serve to protect and contribute to aesthetics. Thanks to constant innovation in the industry, there are now special paints available for different climates and specific applications. Paints are now made with different bases — oils or acrylics — and both types are extremely popular for residential painting in Pert

house paintinghouse paintingVisit a paint store and the sheer variety of finishes and colours are quite mind-boggling. If you are repainting the walls in your home, make sure to pick the right paint. Industry leaders like Global Decorating says working with experts can help ensure that all aspects, including but not limited to soundproofing, rust proofing, and texture is covered.

Why Textured Paint is Popular

Textured paint is popular because it helps add interest to walls and does not require a primer coat. It is used quite regularly to cover up drywall joints and to make surfaces look even and seamless. Some types of textured paint available are as follows:

Premixed Paint: This paint comes in containers and all you have to do is mix it well before starting up a job. This can be used in areas where details are not noticeable like ceilings and exteriors. Sand is used to add texture and the good thing with this kind of paint is that it offers visual interest. Imperfections are not very visible from a distance.

Self-mixing Paint: Residential painting companies use this often, as it is usually what homeowners ask for. Texturing materials are available for addition and one can add as much or as little texture based on the project.

Smooth Texture: This type of paint is quite thick and has to be applied painstakingly with a trowel or other small instrument for the desired effect. This paint is often used to mimic plaster or stucco and takes effort – the final product is quite spectacular.

What makes textured paint interesting is that it is available in a variety of finishes – one can choose from glossy, eggshell, flat or matte finishes. A good residential painting company can do any kind of painting based on the size of the job, budget and customer needs.

3 Important DIY Tips for First-Time Drillers

drilldrillMany people like the idea of having electric drills around, but very few actually know how to operate the drill for the first time. If you’re one of those don’t know how to start the process, we recommend the following:

  • Set the Desired Hole Diameter and Depth

When using an electric drill, start by assessing the right diameter and depth of the hole to make. Remember that you can never undo whatever hole you’ve already drilled; you need to be certain with the measurements and make proper markings.

  • Use the Right Bit Type and Size

There are several types of drill bits you can use depending on what you intend to do. Some of these are the metal twist, masonry, wood boring, wood countersinks, unibit step, and HSS countersinks. Each of these come in a variety of sizes that correspond to a specific hole diameter and depth. Professional tools provider GTPRO recommends using smaller bits during your first drill, especially if you aren’t too sure of the hole size.

  • Observe Safe Drilling At All Times

Before drilling, make sure that the drill bit is properly installed and there is no open part in the electric cord of the equipment. Lean and take a step back before drilling. Don’t push too hard as these could dull your bit easily. It’s best to stop and unplug your drill now and then to check your work. This also allows the drill to cool down.

Drilling is a simple task; safe drilling is not. In other words, you have to exert more effort and know the safety measures to avoid accidents and get the best drilling results.  Of course, it’s also important to observe proper maintenance of your drilling machine and bits. This would include conditioning the machine’s rotary components and lubrications while maintaining the sharpness of each bit.

Matching Type: Knowing which Extinguisher goes with which Fire


extinguishersextinguishersFire is naturally unpredictable, making it more dangerous and difficult to put out. It can blaze in almost every place at any matter or substance, even in metal materials that depicts durability. Despite the strength and prowess that fire shows, you can still put it out using the right type of fire extinguisher.

There are five types of fire extinguishers according to their extinguishing agents: carbon dioxide gas, water, foam, dry powder, and wet chemical. Each tool is designed and made to fight various types of fires also. Identifying which extinguisher goes with which fire helps you put it out more effectively.

CO2 Gas

Filled with non-flammable CO2 gas under extreme pressure, carbon dioxide extinguishers are mostly suitable for live electric gadgets, flammable gasses and liquids, along with precise mechanisms and electronic gadgets. It is not apt, though, for flammable solid materials like wood, textile, and coil.


Of all the elements, water is the most effective when it comes to extinguishing fire. It lowers the temperature of a burning object below the start point. Use water extinguishers for flammable solids like paper and wood; however, do not use it for live electric gadgets, oil, petrol, acids, and flammable gasses.


Air further ignites a fire, and a foam extinguisher works by cutting off the air supply while preventing the release of igneous exhausts. That is why it is suitable for extinguishing fire on petrol, oil, mineral oil, lipids, and flammable solids. Nevertheless, it is not apt if the blazing liquid is mixed with water.

Dry Powder

Powder extinguisher works by absorbing the fuel molecules to deny a fire of its fuel source. This type of extinguisher can be used to almost any fire, except for wood, coil, and textile. It is not meant for light and flammable alkaline metal.

Wet Chemical

This extinguisher suppresses burning cooking oils and fats, which forms into a foam that blocks the air supply. Use this for fires in carbonaceous materials like wood, paper, and textile. Do not use it on petrol and spirits, as it may just cause further ignition.

Getting to know which type of fire extinguisher suits a certain blaze helps you subdue it better faster. Using an extinguisher is your first option, but if the fire is already too big, it is best to get out of the place and call for help.

3 Tips to Help You Stay Sane During Post-Production

video editing booth

video editing boothvideo editing boothMurphy’s Law dictates that anything can (and will) go wrong at the most unexpected times. The philosophy, sadly, applies to video editors, too. It could be a corrupted hard drive or a computer failure. Whatever the case, chances are, you might lose some files and need to start over again. Put simply, one horrible event can drive you crazy and force you to quit altogether.

The problem is that you can’t really reason out that “something came up” and refuse to turn in an output. The best course of action is always to make sure you avoid such disasters.

Here are three ways to do just that:

Give Your Computer Some Love

Editing is a resource-heavy process for your computer. At one point, your system is bound to say “enough” and conk out on you and your project. Once that happens, well, you’re in big trouble.

This is why you have to give your computer some love. It’s important to keep your system in top shape so it won’t break down in the least expected moments. Defrag your hard disk, clean your peripherals, and let your computer rest. Simple computer maintenance habits can go a long way in avoiding the sanity-breaking moment of a computer failure while finalizing a project.

Systematise Your Workflow

What drives newbie editors nuts is the overwhelming amount of audio tracks, video clips, and animations they have to deal with. This is the reason expert editors always highlight the importance of staying organised whilst preparing for a lengthy video editing session.

It pays to label all your clips and arrange them in folders for easier access later on. Ready your files in advance, too. Be sure to have stock footage and templates on your hard drive before you begin editing. These can help you greatly in covering up scenes where you lack good shots to use. You can easily find such video files online. According to MotionElements, some footage marketplaces already use visual search. You can find the right video needed to complete the project with a single image file.

Create Multiple Backups

It might seem like common sense, but many editors still forget the value of having multiple backups of their files. There is no sure way to tell when your computer or your hard drive will suddenly fail you, so you need backups as a contingency measure.

Import all video files to one or two hard drives for safekeeping. You can also harness the cloud for video editing. Although it is insane to upload full video clips to Google Drive or Dropbox, you can use the cloud as storage for your projects, metadata, and other records.

A little organisation and maintenance can go a long way in keeping your editing projects sailing smoothly. Apply these tips into practice to keep your project – and your sanity – intact.