What Career-Driven People Tend To Forget (And Why They Shouldn’t)


Career-ObsessedTwenty-somethings are many things at once: naïve, lonely, savvy, knowing and most importantly, career driven. Time, effort, money will have to be sacrificed to pursue – and succeed – in a specific career. This is okay. But when health is more than compromised to meet the demands of your chosen career path, maybe that’s where we draw a line.

Young people in Singapore are more than encouraged to venture and succeed in new and innovative businesses. They have developed a culture that is focused and driven by success and constant innovation. This is admirable, but if work is not balanced with a healthy lifestyle, this may lead to a downward spiral of the body and the mind.

The Risks of Overachieving

High-achieving people thrive in a pressuring environment. They enjoy challenging tasks and over delivering. As much as this can inspire growth and development career-wise, it might be detrimental to the body and its wellness.

Health is something that, later in life, you will be glad to have spent time and attention on during your twenties. You only get one body, after all. Many Singapore-based centres offer basic health screening packages to guide twenty-somethings toward a better lifestyle and health management. With a better functioning body and a mind that is able to deliver, success would be easier to chase.

The Grim Picture

Health impacts every aspect of a business and industry. It might seem minor at first, but if it isn’t prevented, it will affect business fulfilment and performance in a bigger scale. Non communicable diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, are some of the biggest concerns.

In Singapore, the leading cause of mortality and burden of disease are non-communicable diseases and tuberculosis. Affected individuals are mostly in their twenties and are living in urban areas. The probability of dying early due to these diseases increases with lesser attention paid to prevention and cure. Performance, power and passion will all lose importance if health is failing.

Career-driven people tend to focus too much on their work and life in the office that they forget the most obvious things that matter when gearing for success. Success will just sink underwater without a strong and healthy body to keep it afloat and toward the right direction.

3 Comments on What Career-Driven People Tend To Forget (And Why They Shouldn’t)

  1. But what about mental health? I don’t think there are check-up and screening packages that focus on mental health? Or if there are, they are barely known? Mental health is actually even more important than physical health. The body can be completely healthy but if there’s something dark and rotten hiding inside the confines of the mind, that’s also trouble brewing. Mental spiral is quicker to happen than anything physical.

  2. I completely agree. It’s often the mind that takes most of the burden for career-driven individuals. It’s easy to repair tired bodies and sore arms and legs but to fix (or even identify the damage) the workings of the mind are another story.

  3. Both the mind and the body’s wellness are important. None is more important than the other. A healthy mind will lose essence if a body is failing, and that also goes the same way. The most important thing here is to not overwork. Being well-informed and able to prevent any future grave damage will serve the body and the mind well. Success is nothing if you only have a few years left to live.

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