BTE for Better Hearing

hearing aid

There are two broad types of hearing aids: in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles. They’re custom-fit and are typically available in a variety of skin tones. If you’re looking for a low cost BTE hearing aid, look for Preferred Provider Organizations that work with certified hearing aid manufacturers or clinics.

hearing aid

Mini BTE with Slim Tube and Tip

Mini BTE styles have ultra-thin tubing to route sound discreetly into your ear. This type of hearing aid has open fitting and is best for mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC)

RICs are hearing impaired devices with built-in speakers in the ear tip. In RICs, the microphone and processer sit in a small case behind the ear, while the speaker of the hearing aid is in the ear canal. If the ear tip malfunctions because of moisture damage, you can easily replace it at the hearing aid center.

BTE with Ear Mold

This type of hearing aid is suitable for any type of hearing loss. It has a longer shape that follows the contour behind the outer ear. Compared to other devices, it generally has more controls and features. It’s also less susceptible to moisture and other damages because its sensitive electrical components rest behind the ear. This requires less frequent repairs.

Imagine a world without sound. If you feel like your hearing is starting to deteriorate, schedule an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional for help.