Breaking Free: How to Speed Up Your Divorce in California

Breaking Free

Breaking FreeHas it been more than six months? A year? Or years?

Divorce proceedings can sometimes drag on for what might seem like forever. Those seeking divorce in California, for instance, are required to wait at least six months and a day. This waiting period cannot be waived, but the process can actually stretch to so many months—even years.

Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault and the case is just that complicated. In some cases, however, it’s more than that.

Your Spouse and Your Spouse’s Lawyer

Sometimes, the reason behind the delayed divorce proceedings is that your spouse is being unreasonable and difficult. Alimony, child support, or child custody, and even property division can take longer than it should when your spouse takes ridiculous positions.

The solution? Use the California Family Code 271 to help you punish the unreasonable behavior. It’s a powerful statute, giving you the ability to seek attorney costs from your spouse.

Your Lawyer

Some lawyers delay the process, citing a variety of reasons asked about it. Maybe they’re too busy to get to your case or simply lack the experience to know what to do.

If this is the case, start looking for another attorney. There are so many divorce lawyers in California that can help you, such as those at law firms like Don’t get stuck with a bad one.


Sometimes it’s you. Look at the big picture and ask yourself if logic and common sense dictate your decisions throughout the proceeding. If you let the emotions dictate them, then you are probably making poor decisions—often against good advice.

Remember that divorce is not about revenge, nor is it an opportunity to punish your almost other half. Turn to your attorney before making a decision. A lawyer should tell you the benefits and risks of a certain course of action, and they should tell you whether it is consistent with the law. Learn to listen, and if you’re not sure, ask questions.

Filing for divorce and having it granted leaves you free to build assets in your name, free to remarry, and simply be happy. The sooner the judge accepts your petition, the better.

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