Away With the Unwanted: A Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removal

laser hair removalGetting rid of unwanted hair is no longer a woman’s territory. Unless you were a cyclist, swimmer, bodybuilder or male exotic dancer, you may not have thought of doing anything with your body hair except to keep it natural. But not anymore.

According to experts, men are now becoming more conscious of their grooming habits when it comes to body hair. While they don’t necessarily want them all removed, they do want to get them thinned out. There are three popular techniques to achieve this — waxing, tweezing or by laser treatment. Among all these treatments, laser option is considered the most effective and least painful.

Laser hair removal experts from explain some of the reasons this treatment is highly in demand:

  • Waxing and tweezing are popular for people with thin and sparse growth. But, they can be painful and cause other issues like rashes and itching.
  • Tweezing can be done at home, but it may take a lot of time. If not done properly, it can cause bleeding and redness. For some people, it can lead to discoloring of the skin, too. This method is only recommended for smaller areas like eyebrows.
  • With waxing, you have to let the hair grow back to a certain length before you can do the treatment again. While growing it back, women cannot wear a bikini, as there will be unsightly growth all over. This is also painful, and hot wax can cause burns.
  • The biggest disadvantage with these two options is that they offer only temporary solutions. Waxing removes at the root, but it does not remove the follicle.
  • If the growth is very persistent, then these two options are neither cost effective nor are they very feasible. Hence, laser is the best option as it is permanent. It can work well in almost any part of the body.
Understanding the Laser Method

This treatment removes the roots and destroys the follicle. Thus, it can prevent the growth permanently. If you get a particular area treated six times, you will not have to worry about growth in that area ever again. That is why this is deemed to be a permanent treatment.

As each individual is different, you can get personalized and customized treatment plans in most beauty salons. They use state-of-art equipment and offer laser treatments that are cost effective and painless.

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