Audi Connect®: A Valuable Trademark

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There is a reason European car brands like Audi remain ahead of the competition. These brands have the drive to constantly innovate what they have and deliver the best possible technology for their consumers. This is also the rationale for the high value of their cars, including certified pre-owned Audi units.

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Apart from the award-winning all-wheel-drive system Quattro, a new feature makes Audi even more competitive: Audi Connect®.

A Smart System

Connect, in a technical perspective, is a machine-to-machine, automotive-grade LTE-driven infotainment system. This is one of the first devices of its kind to hit the market, and the technology even won an award recently because of its functions.

A Machine of Function

The device can perform different things, such as provide access to satellite imagery for the driver and passengers, which makes it easier to know where to go next while you’re on a road trip. It is the first-to-market device with voice-activated Google Earth. Local search is also possible with Google technology, along with real-time travel and weather information.

Connect is also the first device to be a Wi-Fi hotspot, meaning passengers can easily access the Internet within the comforts of their Audi car.

Audi is a true innovator when it comes to cars. Apart from delivering fresh designs and stunning technology, it also improves the overall driving experience.