5 Ways to Up Your Long Hair Game

Long Hair

Long HairSick of your go-to hairstyle? Want a new look without chopping off your beautiful tresses? I feel you, girlfriend.

The struggle is real. We’ve all desired to be one of a kind, unique, and fresh. But how?!

How do you do that? If you live in Texas, you’d be expected to go big. Mullets, teasing and even huge curls? They’ve already been done. With these fresh, unique ways to style your hair you can keep your hair game strong.

Length is strength – Go long, even longer than usual! Hair to your knees, even your toes. In a city like Austin where your weirdness is encouraged, nothing is ever too much. Even if your hair isn’t growing fast enough, you can still get extensions! Visit an eclectic hair salon in Austin to get longer locks in a jiffy.

Your hair looks sexy pushed back – Let out your Sasha Fierce on the loose. Styling your hair this way gives everybody the chance to lay their eyes on your very beautiful face. Now’s your chance to rub your sleek, and sexy pushed back long hair in Regina George’s face and Aaron Samuels can tell you your hair looks sexy pushed back.

Don’t want none unless you got buns, Hun – Having your hair all up in a bun never goes out of style; be it messy or neat. Each of which can have a very different image, so take your pick! Fun yet flirty? Then go for the messy bun. If you’re feeling prim and proper, the neat bun is perfect for you.

Braided glory – You must be thinking, that there is no way you’re sporting that Lara Croft look in the 21st century…but braids are all the rage these days! Even Marie Claire thinks so. With all the options, you’re on your way to becoming your own Khaleesi.

One-sided love – Don’t worry, you don’t have to get your heart broken for this. Ward of dailymakeover.com says, “This look conveys that she can look glamorous and casual at the same time. Think about all those vampire movies; she’s teasing you by showing off her neck.” Apparently, there’s something sexy about keeping all your hair to one side, so hey. Why not, right?

Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told? By making these styles your own you’re never going to go out of style.

Never ever forget: YOU DO YOU.

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  1. These are all pretty standard… I think you forgot to mention that extensions can also be for adding volume to the hair. 😉

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