5 Ways to Increase Views and Visits to Your Property

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motel roomGetting your property listing seen is one of the most important aspects of real estate buying and selling. The goal is to get the home viewed by as many prospective buyers or sellers as possible. Whether it is a house, a motel, or a beach property, presentation is always key.

While most of the listing work will depend on the broker, there are a few things you can do to get your property viewed by a lot of people.

1. Know Your Target Demographics

Suburban properties are proving to be hot commodities in Australia’s real property market. As such, don’t forget to appeal to your target demographic.

Find out who you want to sell to and highlight the features of your property that appeal to that audience.

For the suburban property buyers, for example, you may want to highlight the property’s overall design and proximity to certain establishments, such as schools and shopping districts.

2. Listen to Your Agents

Your property brokers and agents are the experts. They’ve sold many properties before. They know what works in a listing and what doesn’t.

3. Know the Competition

Know how other properties in your area are doing and how their listings look. When you’re buying a motel from ResortBrokers.com.au, scout for several options before buying because you need to compare. The same goes with selling.

Know what you are doing wrong and what the competition is doing right. Adjust accordingly to ensure your property gets seen by the right people.

4. Stage the Property

Property staging experts understand what appeals to buyers and investors. They know what improvements will do wonders to a property, what features will entice investors, and what will catch people’s eyes.

5. Present it with Finesse

Take photos of the property at the right angle and avoid tricking people by making it look larger than it actually is. This is why it’s always advised to include photos and a detailed description of the property. If it’s a motel or a hotel, detail the number of rooms, type of rooms, and photos of each.

The more truthful you are with the presentation, the more likely your listing will be recommended.

In any property buying or selling transaction, presentation is key. Follow these best practices and watch as prospective clients line up to have a look at your property.

3 Comments on 5 Ways to Increase Views and Visits to Your Property

  1. Another one is to make sure it looks great outside. You lure buyers and investors in by how the property looks on the outside. You reel them in by what’s inside.

  2. These tips are important especially for properties in the hospitality business. Hotels and parks are always visited first before being purchased, so preparing them early and making sure they look great is crucial.

  3. It’s all about presentation. As long as the property looks good on paper and online, you will get visits. Plus points if it looks great in person.

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