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4 Factors in Choosing Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Shipping ContainersShipping ContainersTo run a business that exports goods across the sea, the simplest way of packing and sending your product across is to use shipping containers. Since these containers generally consist of aluminium or other similar materials, the products you pack and ship in them are relatively safe from transit damage.

The nature of your industry means these containers are a long-term investment, so it is important that you pick the right container to buy. Containers have different configurations, depending on the cargo that they would hold.

Here are some simple tips to help you find the best sea container, as compiled by Perth-based

  1. Size

Shipping containers come in various sizes. Transporting products on a large scale requires buying containers with varying sizes. While choosing a container, make sure that there are at least five feet of extra space on each side for safety purposes.

  1. Condition

Consider whether you want to buy a new or a used container. In planning to use the container for a long time, it makes sense that you buy a new container. Used containers are ideal if you are planning to use the container just once, or for a short period.

  1. Features

Many containers these days designed for shipping have several additional features. These features include racks, ramps and ventilation systems. The features you choose will depend upon the products you are planning to ship.

  1. Price

While the actual cost for the container depends upon the size of the container, its material, and any additional features it may have, you would have to pay extra costs, like for delivery.

You can easily find dealers who sell used or new sea containers through the Internet or classified ads. Uncertainty in the size or features of the container needs asking the dealer for advice before making your purchase.

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Company’s Success

function venues for party

function venues for partyfunction venues for partyIn business, success comes to those who are brave enough to take the risks and think twice before making decisions. If you are an entrepreneur who has gained success over the years, then you might be planning a huge celebration. It is a good time to enjoy the fruit of your hard work and thank the people who helped you get to where you are right now.

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate your company’s growth and success:

Throw a Thanksgiving Party

Your team deserves a heartfelt gratitude. Why not throw a party for them; they will appreciate the drinks, the music and the entire experience. It was probably a busy year for your team; it would be a great idea to let them relax, unwind and have fun. Understand the importance of making your employees happy. Throwing a thanksgiving party is a good way to motivate them.

Choose a venue that provides comfort and convenience. You can find the best Brisbane City function venues by simply browsing online or checking the local papers. A spacious bar, hotel or restaurant that offers great food and drinks is your best choice.

Give Back to the Community

It may be time to share what you have with those who need support. Doing charity work is a way to give back to the community what you have gained. It allows you to grow your connections and make significant contributions to the society, as well.

Give Customers Wonderful Treats

You cannot be successful without the help of those who patronise your products and services. Give your customers wonderful treats by offering discounts and freebies. These will provide more opportunities to strengthen your relationships and attract new clients. You can host a company event and invite customers to participate in the variety of activities.

Celebrate your company’s success. These ideas will help you find the best ways to value or cherish what you have achieved.

Understanding the Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatments

Substance Abuse

Substance AbuseSubstance AbuseDrug and alcohol abuse are real problems plaguing families and individuals across the nation. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why people get hooked on drugs, and it’s even harder to figure out how to treat substance abuse.

While many medical professionals have tried and failed to treat this societal issue, more researchers attempt to save victims from themselves. Here are several of the common approaches to substance abuse treatment, as discussed by expert teams like those from Renaissance Ranch:


This is often the first step in substance treatment programs. If you drink lemon water to detoxify after the holiday binge, a substance abuser gradually reduces the amount of drug or alcohol taken in a day. This allows the body to slowly adjust to the absence of harmful substances. It is not necessarily a treatment, but it’s an important step.


It may be against your intuition to treat a drug addiction with more drugs, but medical professionals maximize the wonders of medication and use them for treating substance abuse. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, medicine can normalize brain function and prevent intense cravings for drugs or alcohol. Medication now exists for heroin, tobacco, alcohol, and other stimulant drug addiction.

The Criminal Justice System

The fines and prison sentence for drug possession varies across the fifty states. The penalties even vary per drug and amount of drugs found. Drug possession laws are strict and sometimes classify as felonious. While this approach attempts to correct criminal behavior attributed to substance abuse, it does not guarantee long-term treatment.

Behavioral Treatments

Psychologists often use a holistic approach to treating substance abuse. They use cognitive-behavioral therapy to help a person recognize where he or she is likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. A substance abuse counselor in Salt Lake City may also use motivational incentives to reward positive behavior. Group therapy is also common.

Treatment may be long-term, but with patience and care from the loved ones, a drug addict can recover from substance abuse. Some families prefer to return a substance abuser to the church to remind him or her of faith in God. A conservative substance abuse counselor in Salt Lake City may recommend this if necessary.

Eclectic Finds and Surprising Office Ideas

Easy Office Ideas

Easy Office IdeasEasy Office IdeasOffice spaces remind us of routines and the bore of everyday tasks. They are mapped out the same way, desks and partitions are all identical, floors and walls in neutral hospital colors, and hardly without any space for creative design. These are said to bring out an environment that is most suitable for corporate work.

Does it, really? Productivity can be affected by the aesthetics of the space. Designing work spaces to inspire productivity doesn’t mean style has to be compromised. It’s easy to spice up your office with just a few tricks and without spending so much.

Color, color, color

Most office walls are prescribed to be white to facilitate concentration. But color can be incorporated in the interior design by other means. Peel off that carpet and replace it with red for an instant pop. Add colored plastic chairs in the pantry for an added fun during breaks. Swap the sad grey trash bin for a green one and that’s both a message and a splash of color.

DIY Wonderwall

Whoever said freedom walls ended in university? Pick up a used chalkboard or a corkboard (or use half of both – it looks more fun!), tack it up the wall and there you go – an instant wonderwall. Instruct your staff to feel free to pin anything, scribble anything, from little office reminders, to inspirational quotes, to secret messages to office crushes, and a lot of fun will surely ensue.

Vintage and rustic furniture

Lend a little style and character to desks and chairs by checking out your local shops. Main Street Office Furniture is a family-owned company in Utah that sells new and used high quality office furniture. From chairs to conference tables, they have a range of eclectic and luxury pieces that carry a story. If you’re aiming for a more eclectic look, why not check out flea markets selling cool antique chairs and tables. That will add interest and even become a conversation starter among your staff and even your clients.

Corner of curiosity

Other than a reading nook, why not add a little shelf filled with a variety of interesting trinkets from everybody? This corner can inspire plenty of meaningful conversations and spark story sharing during office downtime. Make sure to replace the pieces every now and then for a batch of fresh life curiosities.

These easy office space updates do not only spice up the aesthetics of the room, but also inspire productivity and genuine human connection. Plus with these eclectic but surprising ideas, there is really no need to splurge to bring your office interior design up a notch.

5 Types of Content that Work Best as Evergreen

Evergreen Content

Evergreen ContentEvergreen ContentThe year may have changed, but the SEO gameplay remains the same. Up until now, you still lag behind if you don’t come up with compelling pieces of content that drive traffic to your site. For this reason, you have to tap all viable channels to boost your online presence, including evergreen content.

Why should you create evergreen content? explains that this type of content holds a lot of value in SEO. Given that the articles have virtually no expiration date, its content remains fresh and valuable for all readers.


If there’s one thing that doesn’t change in every industry, it’s the jargon. When you want evergreen content, one of your best choices is to write a glossary of sorts. Include all the acronyms and technical terms in your industry and define them.

These terms are highly unlikely to change, so there would be little to no maintenance after you publish this article. Most likely, the only thing you’ll do is add a few more terms here and there as the industry progresses.


There will always be newcomers in every industry. Now, these people need a single resource where they can learn the basics of the field – which is where FAQs come in handy.


How-to posts generate a lot of traffic; more importantly, they are evergreen. Now, you might say that there are hundreds of how-to articles available online. While that is true, the secret is to set yourself apart from other websites by making your articles unique, no matter how common your topic is. For instance, you can add rich media – such as illustrations, photographs, and videos – of every step to make the instructions clearer.

Historical Articles

Most people underestimate the value of historical articles, but this type of content is something every blog needs. What’s good about this is that everything is educational, like a trivia article. Moreover, curating the content is easy enough, as there’s no update necessary unless something relevant happens.


List posts will always work, especially if you write it well. This type of content is easy to read and attention-grabbing. More importantly, lists add more information to the reader’s knowledge without taking the form of a 300-page book.

Now, not because you write evergreen content does it mean you no longer have any work to do. Although evergreen content has lasting value, you still need to update it from time to time. Remember: the information you share must be up-to-date. Ergo, occasional revisits on your blogroll are still necessary to keep your content evergreen.

Voles Will take Over America

Voles in the backyard

Voles in the backyardVoles in the backyardVoles are among the most common pests in the backyard. The small rodents actively try to eat the foundations from under people’s houses, but these can deal their own brand of serious damage: sheer numbers. One thing everyone should know about voles is that they have sex – and they have lots of it.

The Vole Invasion Strategy

Like most mammals, the vole doesn’t have a breeding season, which according to Edge Pest Control, means they can breed any time of the year. This means they can build an army of their family members in no time at all.

To shed some light on what everyone with a vole infestation is dealing with, here is a look at the reproductive capabilities of the little rodents. We already know that voles can reproduce anytime they want; to build an army, however, they need to wait until the impregnated female can breed again. The average gestation period of a vole litter is twenty to twenty three days, with the average litter size being around three to seven pups.

Vole Numbers

This means a single vole couple can breed ten to twelve times a year, creating a minimum of thirty to a maximum of eighty-four voles in twelve months. Nevertheless, eighty-four baby voles doesn’t sound like much of a threat. This would be correct until you realize that the amount of time for a vole to reach sexual maturity is a month after birth. Voles can make babies of their own just thirty days after their birth.

You’re probably looking at close to two hundred voles a year after initial infestation. The best course of action is to move the voles to another location before their numbers become uncontrollable. While these are common threats to any backyard, you can still find a way to prevent these pests from becoming a bigger concern.

Years of Relaxation: Why Choose North Carolina When You Retire


RetirementRetirementRetirement is an issue some people rarely discuss. They think that this kind of discussion is for those who have reached retirement age already or are nearing that stage. This is entirely untrue, as everyone needs to prepare for it.

Importance of A Retirement Plan

Working individuals need to have a retirement plan to prepare for unexpected medical and living expenses, know their social security benefits and decide which recreational activities or hobbies they should have in the future. But, the most important consideration is the place where they should retire.

Why Choose North Carolina

North Carolina or the Old North State welcomes retirees almost all year round. They can enjoy the mountains and beaches, big cities, and the best foods.

According to, senior living in North Carolina means having a marvelous time at the Blue Ridge, Great Smoky Mountains and the Appalachian, where you can find one of the highest peaks in the south. If these are not enough to take your breath away, you can go strolling near the Wrightsville Beach or the Cape Hatteras National Seashore to watch the waves and be relaxed by the sand.

The state’s largest city, Charlotte, is also its hub of economic activities. This makes it perfect for retirees who would still want to monitor the state’s finances and those who would like to invest on some other businesses.

Lastly, a senior living in North Carolina may relish the state’s best vinegar-based version of barbeque or the Lexington style as well as the state’s traditional “all the way” burger with teeming mustard, onions, coleslaw and chili. If you choose veggies, sweet potatoes are abundantly produced in the state. Sweet potatoes, whether mashed, buttered or baked can really make good snacks. The town of Calabash, on the other hand, overflows with the best seafood in the world.

These are just some of the charms of North Carolina. Every year, improvements are being made to make the place even more suitable not only for retirees, but also for tourists.

Is Video Conferencing More Effective than Sending E-mails?

Conference Call

Conference CallConference CallThese days, travelling long distances to meet clients and partners is a waste of time, money, and energy. Many technologies now allow people to communicate with each other. A good example is video conferencing. Whether through software or instant messaging platforms, seeing a person real-time is almost similar to having them beside you.

Authorities at and audio, web, and video conferencing providers like believe that this collaboration tool could help businesses find an effective solution to meet all their needs. It’s fast, reliable, and might even be more dependable than sending an e-mail. Here’s why:

 No Time to Wait for Reply

The process of sending e-mails is two-way, but it’s not constant. You won’t have an idea if the recipient received or even read the e-mail you sent. The time you used waiting for a reply could’ve been for other productive tasks. Delays in communication can also make messages lose their meaning. With video conferencing, you receive feedback right after making a statement.

 An Effective Show and Tell revealed in their study that 65% of Americans are visual learners. Even if you present them with photos, it might still not be enough to communicate your message properly. Explaining through video is also easier because you don’t have to worry about grammar and punctuation. In fact, you can even include non-verbal communication to the message’s intended meaning.

 Promoting Real Teamwork

A video conferencing session encourages employee participation. After all, who wouldn’t act appropriately if they’re in front of the camera? Unlike e-mails, both sides can’t hide what they truly feel. Raising an eyebrow or displaying a straight face, for instance, can already give you a hint that they aren’t fully satisfied.

Businesses can make the most out of video conferencing. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t send e-mails ever again. It’s all about choosing the right platform to communicate better.

For Pest Control Businesses: Ways to Cut Operating Costs

Pest Control

Pest ControlPest ControlSink or swim – this is the true nature of the business world. If you will not exert any effort to stay afloat, your business will eventually die. Of course, this is only possible if the company rakes in a sizable profit year after year.

This challenge hits harder on those in the pest control industry. Experts say that the sector is in its growing stage, which means competition is stiff. Although it has now grown into a USD 12 billion industry, businesses still need to keep a close watch on their finances. Ergo, a company has to exhaust all means to bring down the operating costs – and there are many ways to do this.

Buy Direct from Manufacturers

Your supplies could be why you’ve failed to increase your profit. As a business that depends on equipment and chemicals, you have to get these essentials for the least amount possible. The best way to do this is to transact directly with manufacturers instead of sourcing the supplies through a middleman. For sure, these manufacturers can give you a cheaper deal on the products you use.

Streamline the Process

Most people see only one aspect of the pest control business – that is, the part where an exterminator sprays chemicals onto termite tunnels. What many don’t know is that the administrative aspect of the business is what handles most of the work. Worse, some business owners fail to see that what they’re doing is sapping their precious capital away.

What you need to do here is to optimize the entire process. Be sure that there are no errors when dealing with clients. Scheduling and compliance should both be perfect. suggests using pest control software programs to help with all the administrative tasks.

Deliver Excellent Service

The best way to cut operating costs is to make sure that you do a good job – all the time. The last thing you want is to receive a call from the client because your staff wasn’t able to do the job properly. This would instantly double the cost you shoulder for a single operation.

Keep in mind that all your business processes cut a sizable portion of your profit margin. If you want to stay in business and expand your brand, be sure that you’re making the most of everything you pay for.

A General Guide to Finding a Roof Contractor

Contractor With Tool Belt

Proper roofing in Perth is almost as imContractor With Tool BeltContractor With Tool Beltportant as the foundation of the building, as even the smallest of issues with either of these can turn intoa nightmare. Problems are rarer, though, if a competent roof contractor handled the installation.

It still pays to remember that regular inspections and repair work can prolong the life of your roof system. Here are a few tips compiled by

Hire a Good Company

Whether you just put up a new roof or restoring an existing one, you need to hire good roofing company. These companies handle everything right from the installation to maintenance and restorations.

Get referrals and recommendation from family, friends or co-workers before you shortlist one or two for your project.

Experience and Reputation are Important

As a customer, you will naturally get quotes from a number of companies, which means you can compare their costs. Still, note that you should not merely use pricing as a parameter to hire a particular company. Only past credentials and experiences ensure good quality work. For that reason, do not skimp on quality just for a few pennies saved in cost.

Some unscrupulous companies may charge less upfront, but provide questionable services and workmanship. This kind of shoddy work will lead to worries in the future and prove more expensive in the long run.

To avoid this, look for references from their past clients, or reviews from pertinent sites.

Affordable Does not Always Mean Low Quality

Affordable solutions do not necessarily mean the cheapest; it means good value for money and lasting solutions for your roof systems. Good companies use the latest materials with improved features, which can help provide long-term solutions to recurring problems.

Some materials available today are popular for their aesthetics, flexibility, durability, minimum maintenance and toughness. Thus, even if they appear costly upfront, you will not spend any further on them in terms of repairs or maintenance. All these factors make them cost-effective solutions.

The Internet is a treasure trove of great roofing companies. Finding one is easy, but finding the best contractor perfect for the job you have in mind – and fits the budget, as well – will be harder, but the extra effort is worth it when they lay your new or restored roof.