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Filtering the Nectar of the Gods: Water Chillers and Filters

filtering water

filtering waterfiltering waterAlong with a good water chiller, you also need a good filtration system that can make the water you drink off it crystal-clear. The good news is that the market today is chock-full of the varied types of water chillers and filtration systems. The goal then is to choose the right filtration system that matches your need.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right filter for your water chiller.

Water Supply Source

Before anything else, ask yourself where the water supply to your home or office comes from. Where does it come from?

  • Town water
  • Bore water
  • Tank water

Understand that town water has undergone filtration and softening to a great extent, whereas bore water is quite hard and contain plenty of impurities. Tank water falls somewhere between town and bore water.

Water Woes

Next, you must consider what concerns you have about the purity of water you receive. For example, ask yourself if the water contains:

  • Chlorine.
  • Heavy metals and high amounts of minerals.
  • Pesticides.
  • Suspended particles.
  • Rust or algae.

Remember, different types of impurities in water need different types of filtration systems to eliminate them.

Type of Filters

Hence, based on these concerns, you must choose a filtration system from among the following:

Activated carbon filters for removing suspended particles, heavy metals, chlorine and malodours.

  • Ultra-filtration systems, which remove harmful microbes.
  • UV filters that kill microbes in tap water.
  • Reverse osmosis systems that soften water in addition to removing 99% of impurities.

Among these, a reverse osmosis system is the best choice if the water supplied to your home or office comes from a bore well. With water already softened in municipal plants, other types of filters are adequate.

Choose the right filter for the water chiller in your home or office, and you can avoid many problems associated with dirty water such as gastrointestinal problems and infections. Water that went through a filter is the closest one could drink the nectar of the gods.

Darren Wilson and the Grand Jury

Grand Jury

Grand JuryGrand JuryThe country is seeing demonstrations in almost every city because of the acquittals of the police officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. There are supporters on both sides of the issue, and everybody gave their opinions on the controversial jury decisions. But, the question on many people’s minds was why did a jury let these officers walk?

The misunderstandings begin when people assume that the officers were undergoing a trial. This was a grand jury prosecution; they were not deciding the officer’s guilt, but were deciding whether there was probable cause to believe there was a crime. The difference is subtle, and the process is often a formality to take the case to trial.

According to David A. Nachtigall, Attorney at Law, PLLC, the purpose of a grand jury is to check the power of the prosecutor to take anything they want to court. The jurors should be able to determine if a reasonable person can find a crime in the act based on the evidence on hand. The non-indictment in the Brown case is important for several reasons unrelated to race.

First, the prosecutors only wanted to consider five indictments, the least of which was involuntary manslaughter. This means that lesser charges such as unlawful discharge of a firearm did not come into consideration. It remains unclear why the prosecution decided to do that, and many critics of the grand jury point to that as a contentious issue.

The grand jury heard testimonies from over sixty witnesses and deliberated for around seventy hours before reaching their decision. The jury also included information from three separate autopsies, and they found no reason to believe that the officer acted recklessly in the death of Michael Brown.

Prosecutors did not elaborate on the piece of evidence the grand jury relied on to reach its decision despite the fact that Brown was unarmed and shot multiple times. For now, the case is over, but the story is not necessarily over officer Darren Wilson. If these protests continue, there might well be another chapter in this ongoing saga.

Save Mother Earth with Eco-Friendly Plasterboards


plasterboardsplasterboardsPlasterboards, also known as gypsum board or a drywall, is an interior wall panel consisting of a central core that contains gypsum, hence its name. Lining paper sandwiches this core, effectively forming an outer layer. Depending on the manufacturer, plasterboards have different layers contain varying amounts of gypsum, giving the board its weight and strength.

Not many people know that plasterboards are also environmentally friendly. Here is some more information about them.

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral and known as among the widely mined material in the world for use in different applications. This mineral is a popular fertiliser, and used in the construction industry for plasterboards. One of its variants is alabaster, used in the classical era for sculptures.

Major Uses of Plasterboards

Gyprock says interior designers use plasterboards for insulation purposes, notably against noise as they deaden sound. Plasterboards also offer some form of fire protection, as gypsum has water inside it. This water keeps the temperature down when the plasterboard catches fire, and prevents it from spreading further.

Use of High Quality Recycled Gypsum

With the emphasis on using more environment-friendly products, plasterboards are one of the first choices in using recyclable materials. High quality recycled gypsum is the best solution that can reduce waste in landfills and reduce carbon footprint, preventing manufacturers from making new ones that would just waste resources and energy.

In the past, used plasterboards went directly to landfills. Now, recycling centres can convert used plasterboard to one hundred percent gypsum powder to mitigate the effects on the environment.

Environmental Alternative

The use of ecologically safe gypsum offers the best solution to comply with current environmental safety guidelines. Environmentally friendly plasterboards consist of the finest A-grade natural gypsum that contains at least 95% gypsum and only 5% paper.

When recycled, it goes back to pure refined gypsum for agricultural purposes, or for manufacturing new plasterboards. Eco-friendly gypsum boards can then become fertilizers, and the separated paper recycled using composting techniques.

Plasterboards are ubiquitous, owing to gypsum’s abundance. This is now a required material in most construction projects because of its affordability, recyclability, and fire resistance.

Your UK holiday: ‘As You Like It!’

UK tour

UK tourUK tourThe United Kingdom: from a whiff of freshly baked tarts to a taste of royalty; from the latest high-end fashion stores to the lofty medieval castles, just name it and the UK will serve it to you on a platter.

Planning a tour to the UK, but not sure how to go about it? Tailor-made tours will create your ideal UK itinerary. There are a many agencies offering these package tours, with all the relevant package information found in their websites. They will take care of the nitty-gritty and ensure a rejuvenating vacation.

How Do These Work? 
  • Step 1: Once you have browsed through the Internet, contact the site that suits the holiday you have in mind, and contact the agency.
  • Step 2: Based on your time frame, budget and interests, the agency will prescribe a custom itinerary.
  • Step 3: Confirm if the itinerary meets all your conditions, and book the transport and accommodations.
  • Step 4: Board a plane!

Accommodations may range from high-end luxury hotels to simple bed & breakfasts, traditional village inns, and historic buildings. Just take your pick based on your preference and your budget.


Agencies generally take the responsibility of booking air tickets. In addition, if you to have a chauffeur drive your own, you can hire them with the help of the agency. Pettitts clarifies that this does not mean you cannot drive your own, though, but in this case, the firm can link you to a car rental company.

Pros and Cons

 • Pros

1.Tailored tours: your budget and preferences being the final authority in all decisions. 2. Travel agency taking over all administrative, ‘boring’ responsibilities. 3. One can just concentrate on enjoying their time and not worry about every little detail.

 • Cons

1.Tailor-made tours may be more expensive. 2. The thrill and adventure of exploring a place all by one’s self and the freedom of travelling according to one’s whims are missing in the prearranged rigidity of package tours.

The UK is home to legends, fairy tales, and the high class of Europe’s golden age. Traveling to the British Isles is well worth the money if you research first and weigh out the pros and cons.

Choosing an Undergraduate Course

Undergraduate Course

Undergraduate CourseUndergraduate CourseThe number of students enrolling to different law schools across the U.S. continues to go down. The American Bar Association reported that 39,675 students began their law school studies in 2013, which is 11% less than the previous year. Despite the decrease, thousands of students still aim to be a lawyer.

Becoming a professional in the legal industry is not an easy journey. You have to be mentally and physically prepared, as noted by That is why many professionals advise that you get an undergraduate course that can prepare you for the many difficulties you will face in law school.

Institutions do not require a certain undergraduate course once you take up law. Some students even come from courses like English and communication to as far as those who took up nursing, engineering, or arts and science-related programs. Nevertheless, a pre-law course can definitely help.

Courses Closest to Legal Studies

As the legal profession requires you to be knowledgeable with the law and government, it is a feasible choice to study government and politics, economics, and history. You can gain a lot from these courses, from the basics to the more advanced matters. Moreover, your professors and instructors are law practitioners, as well. They can teach you how things go about in the government when it comes to laws.

Courses that Complements Knowledge

Writing and public speaking courses can also ease your impending struggles. As lawyers debate inside courtrooms, you need to have the confidence in stating your case verbally to a lot of people. Your goal as a practitioner is to relay your claims and make others understand it; the most effective way to do this is through impeccable writing and speaking.

Courses that Strengthen Mentalities

Lawyers back their claims with legal documentations. Still, experienced lawyers use logic and philosophy to solidify their stand. Not everything can be sourced out from the books; you need to have critical thinking in making your claims. Studying philosophy courses can equip you with the essential proficiency in creating facts. You can have a better understanding of why and how things happen.

These are just some of the courses you can take to help you study law courses better. If you want to strive and become successful, you need determination to face enduring challenges.

Stainless Steel and Its Uses

stainless steel

stainless steelstainless steelConstruction work widely uses stainless steel tubing, especially in the Michigan area. This is not exactly the cheapest, but stainless steel comes with a number of benefits, especially regarding aesthetics. The property of this alloy makes these tubes suitable for many functions in varying temperature conditions and environments.

The Characteristics of This Alloy defines stainless steel as an alloy, or a combination of elements to make a particular type of metal. This alloy has chromium as one of its major constituents. The mixture of chromium makes it resistant to both oxidation and corrosion.

Additionally, it is durable, have low friction properties, easy to maintain, and used for very thin wall pipes. There is no threading used in these tubes, as stainless steel uses fusion welding techniques for joining multiple parts of it together.

The Many Uses of These Tubes

These tubes are ubiquitous – you can see them in the textile, food, aviation, construction, electronics, petrochemicals, automotive and the marine industry. The tubes come in a number of shapes such as square, round, oval and rectangular. They see extensive use in the water industry. There is also a wide range of decorative art using these stainless steel tubes.

The interesting part is that these tubes and pipes are recyclable. The scrap can be melted and shaped into new products.

The Various Type of This Alloy

This alloy has many types – each of which has their set of unique properties. For instance, the austenitic type is non-magnetic, easily welded, and very ductile. These properties see it used for industrial piping, containers and other household articles. The ferritic type has similar properties but is even more resistant to corrosion.

The shipping industry uses a combination of these two types; some even use it for washing machines. The other types are martensitic, heat resistant stainless, and the U-bend tubes, each with its own attendant property and function.

Stainless steel evolves as the fields that need them advance. The sky is the limit for their usage – after all, even skyscrapers use them!

Emergency Water Containers in Survival Kits

Emergency Water Containers

Emergency Water ContainersEmergency Water ContainersSurvival kits are very important during calamities – both man-made and natural. If you are stuck with your family in a disaster zone, then this kit will help sustain you until help arrives. Keeping a kit like this replenished regularly, at easy-to-reach locations, will add to your safety even in the face of danger.

• Be prepared for calamities

Today terrorism is enough to create a warlike situation, and natural disasters strike without notice. So being equipped with enough supplies is important. You should keep all the necessary supplies in lightweight survival kits, which you can use wherever you are or able to carry with you if you need to evacuate.

• The most important content

The primary content in this should be an emergency water box. Of course you should have a first aid kit with fresh medicines and supplies. You should also have nonperishable food in the form of canned food, energy drinks, energy bars, chocolates, dried food, etc. But water is a primary need for survival. So you should have adequate drinking water. During disasters the pipelines might get affected and your home might get cut off. Your emergency water container will come in handy during such situations.

• Other readiness measures

While you should have sealed containers of water for dry areas, you should also carry purification tablets or bleach with you. This will help you purify the water if you fear any kind of contamination due to the disaster or otherwise. Biological purification equipment is also available but it might be too heavy to carry.

You can also use heavy duty aluminum foil to remove the salts. You can create a distillation tube with the foil and use it to remove salt from saltwater during boiling. You will also need a vessel to collect the condensed liquid. This way you can survive on seawater if you are stranded close to a beach. Besides the kits, keeping yourself updated on the various survival techniques will also be very useful.

Improve Your Vehicle: 3 Engine Modifications for Performance Boost

Engine Modifications

Engine ModificationsEngine ModificationsYou’re eager to change the look and feel of your vehicle, but cannot decide on which part exactly. Now, what should you do?

Modifying your car for better performance does not exactly have to be like those in the “Fast and the Furious” films. It should not be as complex and outlandish as some movies show or suggest. While all you need is a well-maintained vehicle – with a properly inflated tires and a good alignment – there are other ways you can do to improve the performance of your car.

Let this article help make your vehicle end up with more power, improved safety and better fuel economy.

Performance Chips

Lurking under the hood, car performance chips are accessories vehicle owners use to increase the power and efficiency of their wheels. Automotive industry professional,, shares that performance chips can override factory settings that can increase the power of the engine. It replaces the manufacturer’s pre-installed chip, controlling fuel consumption, ignition timing and even anti-lock brakes. In fact, it can impact electronic and mechanical functions. Look for a company that provides high quality computer power up modules (chips) to boost your vehicle and machinery performance.

Weight Reduction

It may be shocking to know how fast the weight of your things in the boot can add up. Every additional 100 pounds in a car, says car experts, is equal to a 1-2 per cent increase in fuel consumption. That would affect the performance of your car, especially when you are on a long-haul road trip. The weight has a significant effect on the mileage. Sure, you can put shoes, books and other things, but the boot is not a storage unit.

Air Filter

Replacing an old air filter is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to boost your car’s engine performance. By installing new filters, you will see a benefit in added horsepower and improved fuel efficiency.

Every year, many car owners face the same questions: how to make a vehicle lighter, more durable, safer or tougher. With the help of this article, you can achieve the desired performance for your car.

Teach Math the Fun Way

Teach Math

Teach MathTeach MathSome subjects are simply not likable. Arithmetic is one, but teachers can make it interesting and can find innovative methods to teach numbers. Some teachers now design primary mathematics workbooks in a way to hook the child to numbers without dreading the subject.

There are certain, less expensive ways than revising math books, but are equally as effective. R.I.C. Publications lists some of them below:

• Use live performances such as making some children sit in large ball or rectangular box, and let them study the differences between spheres and cuboids. • Dramatize simple additions by giving them three candies and then giving them one more. They can tell you the total and gradually learn addition. • You can also use the child’s body parts and such as how many arms, feet and fingers they have. Teachers can teach the principles of subtraction with folding a number of fingers to subtract, and counting the remaining ones. • Creative use of blocks and other objects can teach them sorting and creating patters and designs. For more practical purposes, teachers can give them small objects that they can pretend to sell or buy. • Gradually introduce the concept of multiplication as continuous addition for slightly older children. • Take them to the park and show them number of birds in a tree. Let them see what happens to their number when some flies away, or others come and perch on the tree. • Try to bring in numbers everywhere. For instance, if it is the child’s birthday, ask them how many candies they need so that all the kids in the class get three candies each and the teacher gets five. • You can also bring in research-based syllabi to teach them sequences, and use computers to teach them certain concepts.

Math is especially frightening because there is pressure to learn it right away, and if you remove this pressure, you will notice that children are much more creative than the adults give them credit for. Finally, do not assess them on a single test; instead assess by observation and the ideas they come up in the class.

5 Reasons to Own a Panasonic Lumix ZS7

Panasonic Lumix ZS7

Panasonic Lumix ZS7Panasonic Lumix ZS7Panasonic has been a rather quiet name in the world of high-end cameras where other names like Nikon and Canon stand out better. Nevertheless, this brand has produced good quality cameras over the years, one of the best received among them being the Panasonic Lumix ZS7 that is also available on sale.

Most people are unsure of any other brand apart from Canon or Nikon, and ignore other camera brands. Still, the Panasonic Lumix ZS7 has some noteworthy features that you must check out:

1. Ease Of Use

Photography is as easy and simple as point and shoot with a Panasonic Lumix. In fact, with this camera in hand, you spend less time in fiddling with dials, controls and buttons trying to get the right image quality. Instead, you spend more quality time in actually capturing the subject or scene you desire.

2. Excellent Image Quality

A great image quality is the primary feature photographers look for in a camera. Even experts in the business vouch for the superb image quality of the Panasonic Lumix. For example, if you take a picture in high resolution with this camera, you can expand it to a photo of even 16 x 22 inches without any pixelation of any sort.

3. Intelligent Auto Feature

This in effect gives the Panasonic Lumix a brain of its own. Thanks to the intelligent auto feature, this camera can select the right settings such as lighting, shutter speed and ISO to bring out a perfect picture every time. This means that the automatic functions of the camera blends the right amount of capture and lighting to produce a photo worthy of a professional.

4. Super Zoom Lens

Moreover, the Panasonic Lumix comes with a super zoom lens that gives you a whopping 12x optical zoom factor. This, along with its high-resolution sensor, gives perfect, crisp pictures even at long range.

5. Price

A Panasonic Lumix camera for sale is popular because of its relatively low price, and the ZS7 is no different. Add to it its compact size that fits in your pocket, which is lighter than its competitors.

The ZS7 does all the hybrid camera tricks right, and affordable to boot. Time will only tell if it is a worthy contender to the throne held by Nikon and Canon.