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Japanese 2013 Autumn/Winter Trends

Autumn Fashion Style

Winter has arrived, and summer is just a distant memory now. Japan experiences extreme differences in temperatures over the course of four seasons, and winter brings its own distinctive styles.

Autumn Fashion StyleAutumn Fashion Style

Popular Japanese fashion for this season are styles incorporating multiple layers to create an individualized look. Common themes for the 2013 Autumn/Winter season include:


The most notable color in the autumn/winter collections is navy. Many brands incorporated the color into their match ups. Associated with calmness and seriousness, navy blue on the runway served as the main and accent color. Designers often matched it with pattered items, such as floral print and plaid.


The big pattern for this season is houndstooth. As it goes with anything, this pattern is used by designers to elevate any causal ensemble and give it the extra “pop” it needs.

Short Blouson

For those with a boyish style, the short blouson can be a great choice. While made from a thin material, its design is also quite simple, making it easy to wear with a pair of overalls for a nice mix-match style.

Big Silhouette Jackets

Picking up from last year, the mannish, oversized jackets are still as popular as ever this year. The style adds volume to the otherwise slim appearance of pants and miniskirts, easily making it a returning trend.

With these trends, you won’t have to worry about being out of style this season. With that said, look for Japanese clothing online or offline that can bring out your inner fashionista.

Health Insurance: Oregon’s Minimum Coverage Requirements


Every state has a mandatory law for minimum health insurance coverage. This means that all Americans need insurance, and their states have strict rules to make sure that they follow. With that said, the “minimum” coverage for health insurance differs in every state. In the case of Oregon, here are the requirements:


Medical Benefits

All health insurance plans in Oregon should allow at least $50,000 of medical benefits per illness or accident.


The policy should cover at least $7,500 in repatriation of remains.

Medical Evacuation

When an exchange visitor catches a disease outside of their home country, the carrier must shoulder the medical evaluation expense amounting to $10,000.


This shouldn’t go beyond $500 per incident of illness or accident.

Other provisos

It’s fine for carriers to have a waiting period for those who have pre-existing conditions, as long as the time frame is reasonable per industry standards. In the case of a co-insurance, the exchange visitor should pay up to 25% of the coverage’s benefits per incident. The insurance shouldn’t exclude coverage without valid reason.

Health insurance is important for every person, as this is a form of safety should an accident happen. It is best that you get your own coverage prescribed by law.

A Beautiful Bride: How to Look Great in Your Wedding Pictures

wedding photography

Every bride wants to look their best in their wedding pictures. As your wedding photographs will serve as the remembrance of your big day, you want to make sure you look perfect in them. Here are some tips to ensure you look great in your wedding photos and make the post production of your wedding photography a success.

wedding photographywedding photography

Relax your Face

When you start to get nervous and anxious, your face will show it. So whenever you feel that your eyes are starting to squint, your brows furrow, and your smile stiffen, take a deep breath and relax. Close your eyes, relax your face, and let your lips fall back into place.

Practice Your Pose

Browse through a variety of bridal magazines and get some great posing ideas. After finding a series of poses you like, practice them with your photographer. Don’t forget the basics: stand straight, don’t look straight into the camera, and hold your arms gently away from your torso.

Smile with Your Eyes

You don’t have to sport an ear-to-ear grin just to show that you’re happy. During your wedding pictorial, let your eyes do the talking. If you try to hold a huge smile for too long, it’ll appear forced and won’t look good in pictures, so smile with your eyes.

Pictures taken on your wedding will remain part of your life forever, so it pays to take a few measures to ensure you look your best on your special day.

Setting your Expectations when Hiring a VA

Virtual assistance is the modern day version of traditional secretarial services. VAs are not only providing secretarial support, they’re also providing different administrative services. As they assume more roles, businesspeople like you can benefit from the service of virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant for BusinessesVirtual Assistant for Businesses

Here are some things you can expect from hiring a VA:

Reliable Performance

Virtual assistance packages will provide you with highly skilled and dedicated VAs. Most virtual assistants have certifications depending on the business or secretarial service they focus on. To ensure excellent performance, go for a virtual assistance company with certified assistants. You may ask about their certifications on data processing and accounting, for instance.

Lower Costs

VAs are contractual staff. This means you’re only paying them for the hours they have rendered service. This makes  a more financially intelligent option compared to paying an in-house assistant with a fixed amount. This means you get the most out of what you’re paying for. Also, there’s no need to spend on additional computer or working desk when you have a virtual assistant.

You see, hiring a VA can be the smarter way to get secretarial and business services without compromising the quality of service. Look for an ideal virtual assistance provider today and get all these benefits.

Finding Consulting Firm

business consulting

As business consulting and coaching is an unregulated industry, any firm can simply make claims about being experts in the field. You can save your business from any problem if you know what to look for.

Here are a few things you should consider before making your choice:

business consultingbusiness consulting

Identify your business needs

Before you start searching, you need to be clear about your goals and how the firm can help you achieve them. Define the project deliverables and requirements. Also, you need to be aware of possible problems that may come your way throughout the process.

Look for a firm that prompts insights

Although a firm may have extensive experience in related industries, no two businesses are ever the same. That’s why a consultant should know what questions to ask to establish your business status — its ability for growth and your capability to handle issues. A business consulting firm’s objective is to provide insights for growth and success.

Consider a firm that understands the value of your money

A reliable consulting firm is fully aware of the importance of financial resources and how they should be spent. It understands how you need to get the most value out of the money you spend. When they make recommendations involving your finances, they should clearly demonstrate why the expenses are inevitable.

Doing a haphazard choice will only put your business in a make or break situation. A word of advice? Think through your decisions before making the final choice.