Choosing the Right CCTV Systems for your Office

CCTV, or closed-circuit television systems are an important part of any commercial space. It helps you avoid serious problems, and aside from the obvious anti-theft aspect of it, CCTV systems can help More »

Why Some Start-ups Never Take Off

Nine out of 10 start-ups are set to fail, according to research and studies. An analysis of start-up post mortems revealed top 20 reasons most start-ups never take-off at all. While some More »

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Want to Work in a Data Centre? Here’s How

Facebook Data Center

Facebook Data CenterFacebook Data CenterHave you seen the movie ‘The Matrix’? Large cities full of computer armies maintain humans like a farm for electric impulses. They use these impulses to power their machine army for an ongoing war with a small band of humans.

While in real life, this is far-fetched, there are huge ‘cities’ of machinery that exist today. These are called data centres, and these data centres exist everywhere. There are data centres in Africa as well as the rest of the world.

Data centre operators have highly dedicated specialists in the IT field, so if you’re looking for work, why don’t you try to work in a data centre?

Work as a Data Centre Operator

A data centre operator is a smooth operator, so to speak – if smooth means making sure huge servers run smoothly. A data centre in works the same way everywhere – you maintain the servers that companies use for their information infrastructure.

Are you willing to accept the responsibility for a large volume of data, or do you have a liking for computers? A career at data centres – the most famous of which are Google’s – may be the right fit for you.

Flexible Schedules

Data centre operators perform jobs assigned to them by their supervisor—whether the work is connected to hardware maintenance, or software checks. They are more or less associated with computers, and working as one can be your calling if you’re a natural techie.

Have you ever experienced chatting or playing on the computer until the wee hours of the morning? If you have, and that’s okay with you, you might be a fit for the night shift.

Usually, work in this field is done during regular hours, but these information farms need smooth operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, some IT companies offer shifting schedules and changing days-off.

As with any other work, you should think before you apply for a job opening. This job, regardless whether you work for a normal shift or a night one, or wherever it is based, could eventually become a manager or assistant manager in a data centre.

Breaking Free: How to Speed Up Your Divorce in California

Breaking Free

Breaking FreeBreaking FreeHas it been more than six months? A year? Or years?

Divorce proceedings can sometimes drag on for what might seem like forever. Those seeking divorce in California, for instance, are required to wait at least six months and a day. This waiting period cannot be waived, but the process can actually stretch to so many months—even years.

Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault and the case is just that complicated. In some cases, however, it’s more than that.

Your Spouse and Your Spouse’s Lawyer

Sometimes, the reason behind the delayed divorce proceedings is that your spouse is being unreasonable and difficult. Alimony, child support, or child custody, and even property division can take longer than it should when your spouse takes ridiculous positions.

The solution? Use the California Family Code 271 to help you punish the unreasonable behavior. It’s a powerful statute, giving you the ability to seek attorney costs from your spouse.

Your Lawyer

Some lawyers delay the process, citing a variety of reasons asked about it. Maybe they’re too busy to get to your case or simply lack the experience to know what to do.

If this is the case, start looking for another attorney. There are so many divorce lawyers in California that can help you, such as those at law firms like Don’t get stuck with a bad one.


Sometimes it’s you. Look at the big picture and ask yourself if logic and common sense dictate your decisions throughout the proceeding. If you let the emotions dictate them, then you are probably making poor decisions—often against good advice.

Remember that divorce is not about revenge, nor is it an opportunity to punish your almost other half. Turn to your attorney before making a decision. A lawyer should tell you the benefits and risks of a certain course of action, and they should tell you whether it is consistent with the law. Learn to listen, and if you’re not sure, ask questions.

Filing for divorce and having it granted leaves you free to build assets in your name, free to remarry, and simply be happy. The sooner the judge accepts your petition, the better.

Choosing the Right CCTV Systems for your Office


CCTVCCTVCCTV, or closed-circuit television systems are an important part of any commercial space. It helps you avoid serious problems, and aside from the obvious anti-theft aspect of it, CCTV systems can help you discover hidden damages in the office. Offices spend a lot on commercial CCTV systems and it should factor in the decision-making for your office.

How do you know which commercial CCTV systems you should install? gives a few tips below.

Know the Right CCTV System for your Office

There are different CCTV systems available for installation, and each has a use depending on the space. You can either have an infrared (IR) camera installed, a dome camera, a pro-box camera, pan-tilt zoom camera, or a hidden camera. Knowing the difference between these cameras can spell the difference between seeing crime or any other problems clearly. You should take a look at these cameras before you consider buying a specific system.

Know the Size of Your Office

The size of your office should also be an important part of your consideration. For a small space, a few cameras would serve your purpose. For larger ones, though, consider buying a few or more cameras to cover all areas. Afterwards, you could perhaps take a look at your office, and determine if there are blind spots, that is, areas not covered by a CCTV system, and either buy additional cameras or reconfigure your existing ones.

Commercial CCTV systems are easy to find at any electronics store that offers supplies for offices and commercial buildings. You can even buy one online, and have it installed by professional technicians; this is not something you should DIY.

Think about having CCTV systems installed in your office or commercial building—it will go a long way towards providing your tenants or employees the protection or security that you all need.

Do It Yourself: Cleaning Your Home’s Air Duct System

Home Air Duct

Home Air DuctHome Air DuctWhen your air ducts are clogged with dust and debris, a lot of things can happen. All that dirt can cause respiratory problems to you and your loved ones, or if you’re in an office setting, your employees. It’s necessary to be able to perform proper air duct cleaning yourself and in this guide, we’ll talk about exactly just that.

Before we begin, keep in mind that most cleaning professionals recommend that you consult with them before attempting any cleaning yourself. They can help prevent any major disaster you might run into.

What You’re Looking For

Your home’s duct system can cost you a lot of money in utility bills if they are left unchecked and unclean. In addition, they could also expose your family to mold, dust and other harmful elements that get built up within your walls. If you suspect that your ducts need cleaning, look for obvious cracks and leaks in your system. You can tell where dust escapes by noticing certain streaks of dirt at juncture points and open spaces where air enters and exits freely. A professional may be able to determine leaks by forcing air through your system.

Things You Need

A bucket with three parts water and one part household cleaner, some rags, a brush for applying air duct sealant, a screwdriver, some zip ties for attaching ducts and a lot of time, about twenty minutes per duct.

How to Do It

Detach the outer and inner liners from the connectors. These may be on your ceiling or on your wall. Use rags soaked in cleaner solution and wipe the liners clean, reaching as far inside as your arms allow. You should expect to only be able to clean the ends of the ducts.

Brush mastic or an air duct sealant lightly over the inner liner and slide them back into the metal duct connector.

Repeat this process for all the vents and ducts in your home and you should be dust and mold free for a good few weeks!

Better Upgrade Than Be Sorry: It’s Time To Upgrade Your HVAC System

HVAC System

HVAC SystemHVAC SystemIt’s understandable you feel reluctant to spend money for a failure that has not yet occurred. But paying double for something easily preventable is more inconvenient and impractical. When you start to notice the telltale signs, be wise and loosen the purse strings a little for the comfort of your home.

Your Unit Is Dying

HVAC systems, like all things, have a lifespan. Yours will start showing signs of old age, such as consistent system failures, when it has almost reached its end. This is the perfect time to upgrade your heating and cooling units to save money on repair costs.

When installing a new system, you want to have the most sustainable units for your home. The best HVAC systems for colder regions combine electric unit for cooling and natural gas furnace for heating.

Your House is Getting a Renovation or Expansion

When this happens, your HVAC system may need to move or expand. Getting the advice of the technicians will ensure that your heating and cooling units are re-installed properly and the new space is just the right size for the units. Hartman Heating and Air Conditioning says that an over sized furnace will cost you twice due to the erratic on-and-off cycles.

You Want to Increase Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling eat up most of the energy in your home, taking up almost 48% of the electricity bill. Today, HVAC system technologies have improved in design and efficiency. Installing a system that consumes less energy will significantly reduce your electricity costs and benefit the environment.

It’s Just Not Doing It For Your Family

They’re often taken lightly, but the comfort and convenience of your family should be your utmost priority. Proper heating and good ventilation are essential for a productive and healthy life. If they’re not satisfied with your old HVAC system, don’t deprive them of a well-designed, energy-efficient system.

For upgrades, you can either replace old furnaces and air conditioning or install an entirely new system. Partial replacement sounds like the easier option, but it will actually cost you more on labor compared to replacing the entire system all at once. Ultimately, the efficiency of the system depends highly on the suitability of the units.

Why Some Start-ups Never Take Off


WhyWhyNine out of 10 start-ups are set to fail, according to research and studies. An analysis of start-up post mortems revealed top 20 reasons most start-ups never take-off at all. While some are obvious and understandable, some are sad, like lost focus or lack of passion.

Australia is seeing a lot of ventures in entrepreneurship and creative start-ups in business, mostly in information technology development. But most do not survive the challenges and exit before they even made their grand entrance.

No Market Need

Most start-ups end quickly because their idea doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t have to be radical, it just has to be useful. Nowadays, it is difficult to come up with an idea that hasn’t been thought of yet, which is why the demand for creative thinking is at its highest, not only in Australia, but all over the planet.

Ran Out of Cash

A major percent of short-lived start-ups had major financial hurdles they couldn’t solve. Adelaide-based business accountants suggest it might be because of lack in financial strategising and control of budget and resources. This can be easily remedied by consulting experts to help bootstrap the start-up.

Poor Strategising

Failed start-ups in Australia all have major gaps in their strategy. Certain gaps are okay, as they are still testing the waters, but oftentimes, what start-ups leave out for later –like finding low-cost alternatives, availability of components and infrastructure – end up becoming showstoppers.

Doesn’t Listen to Experts

A major blunder for business beginners is listening to free advice from the wrong people. With the hype over start-ups, the quantity of information has gone up while the quality has gone down. Although it might hurt the finances, start-ups should know it’s best to consult expert advisors to avoid a quick end.

While in every single successful start-up are probably millions of failed attempts, knowing the biggest pitfalls help not only so they can be avoided, but so plans can be shaped to turn the tables around completely.

Tips on Securing Your Data: How to Prevent Anonymous from Hacking Your Network

Securing Your Data

Securing Your DataSecuring Your DataHacking systems is an easy activity for computer geeks, especially those that you see in movies getting into the government’s database. One person can already be a threat to your data, and a group is even more alarming. “Anonymous” is an international network of hack-tivists that gained fame by hacking and attacking numerous government sites in different countries worldwide.

The agents from NetStrategy say that network protection is vital in keeping the data secure. Loss or leaks will hurt your business, that’s for sure; the only question is how bad. While they rarely target private-owned sites, it’s better to put up solid protection of your database in case similar groups get interested in your site.

See Things in a Larger Sense

Don’t focus on a particular aspect of protection. You never know what these hackers think and which area of your site and database they’ll attack. Always consider a broader sense of security. The more you try to get ahead of them, the less prone you’ll be to experiencing surprise hack attacks.

Utilise Top-rate Protection

Don’t short change your protection measures. If you can get hold of the top security systems, do so. At least apply tried and tested content management software that automatically updates and comes with support and patches. Many say that customising settings on your own is an open feast for hackers.

Hash and Rehash Passwords

Reinforce your protection system with multiple layers of passwords. Make sure you frequently hash and rehash these codes stored in the databases. Hashing and rehashing passwords add layers of difficulty that may take a longer time for hackers to penetrate. Harder coding that takes more time threatens hackers.

Make their Hacking More Complicated

Keep in mind that when you set passwords, it has to be as complicated as possible. Use a combination of letters and numbers and don’t follow a pattern – be random. Longer passwords are stronger; usually this means more than eight characters. Moreover, when you change codes, avoid using the ones you’ve used before.

With the rise of the age of technology, machines and software systems are now integrated in much of the business processes. Protect your data from hackers by applying the strongest security measures.

5 Ways to Up Your Long Hair Game

Long Hair

Long HairLong HairSick of your go-to hairstyle? Want a new look without chopping off your beautiful tresses? I feel you, girlfriend.

The struggle is real. We’ve all desired to be one of a kind, unique, and fresh. But how?!

How do you do that? If you live in Texas, you’d be expected to go big. Mullets, teasing and even huge curls? They’ve already been done. With these fresh, unique ways to style your hair you can keep your hair game strong.

Length is strength – Go long, even longer than usual! Hair to your knees, even your toes. In a city like Austin where your weirdness is encouraged, nothing is ever too much. Even if your hair isn’t growing fast enough, you can still get extensions! Visit an eclectic hair salon in Austin to get longer locks in a jiffy.

Your hair looks sexy pushed back – Let out your Sasha Fierce on the loose. Styling your hair this way gives everybody the chance to lay their eyes on your very beautiful face. Now’s your chance to rub your sleek, and sexy pushed back long hair in Regina George’s face and Aaron Samuels can tell you your hair looks sexy pushed back.

Don’t want none unless you got buns, Hun – Having your hair all up in a bun never goes out of style; be it messy or neat. Each of which can have a very different image, so take your pick! Fun yet flirty? Then go for the messy bun. If you’re feeling prim and proper, the neat bun is perfect for you.

Braided glory – You must be thinking, that there is no way you’re sporting that Lara Croft look in the 21st century…but braids are all the rage these days! Even Marie Claire thinks so. With all the options, you’re on your way to becoming your own Khaleesi.

One-sided love – Don’t worry, you don’t have to get your heart broken for this. Ward of says, “This look conveys that she can look glamorous and casual at the same time. Think about all those vampire movies; she’s teasing you by showing off her neck.” Apparently, there’s something sexy about keeping all your hair to one side, so hey. Why not, right?

Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told? By making these styles your own you’re never going to go out of style.

Never ever forget: YOU DO YOU.

Gray Hair, Don’t Care: Elderly Abuse Prevalent in Many Nursing Homes

elderly abuse

elderly abuseelderly abuse40.3 million Americans, or 13% of the total population, registered as 65 or older in the 2010 census. This is the greatest number of proportion of residents over 65. This “Boomer Generation” effect is seen to last for several years to come. This also paves the way for higher chances of elderly abuse.

More than 1.4 million Americans were living in nursing homes as of December 31, 2012, which corresponds to 2.8 percent of the over-65 population and a little over 10% of the over-85 population. Abuse and neglect of these elderly populations are becoming national concerns.

Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect are the most common forms of complaints in nursing homes. Neglect happens when there is failure, either intentional or otherwise, to provide a patient with the care and services necessary to ensure they are free from harm or pain. It’s also a failure to react to a potentially dangerous situation that results in the patient being harmed.

Abuse, meanwhile, is the intentional infliction of injury, intimidation, punishment, unreasonable confinement, or any form of care deprivation that results in physical harm for the patient.

Signs and Symptoms cites the most common forms of negligence and abuse in nursing homes includes failure to monitor nursing home patients, to properly administer medications, and to rotate patients, which results in bedsores.

Other forms of abuse include dehydration, falls, gangrene, malnutrition, medication errors, and wrongful death, among others. Elderly abuse and neglect basically boils down to the breach of duty of careby nursing homes and other facilities.

Prevalence and Prevention

Based on data collected by the National Center on Elder Abuse, over 50% of nursing home staff surveyed admitted to mistreating patients. This involved physical abuse, mental abuse, and neglect in the older patients.

In a study from 1999-2001, it showed that about 30% of nursing homes violated federal standards—violations that could have possibly harmed residents. In a survey of 2,000 patients, 44% said they had experienced abuse in their nursing homes, and 95% said they experienced neglect firsthand or seen it through another resident.

Nursing home abuse was something that often went unnoticed in the past. With studies, reports, and congressional hearings about this type of abuse and neglect, however, hopefully instances of these unfortunate events will go down.

American Sniper Success Makes Unfair Trial Atmosphere

American Sniper

American SniperAmerican SniperMovie enthusiasts are split down the line on whether art imitates life or the other way around. Regardless of where anyone stands on the debate, it’s clear that there are more than a few intersections between the real world, and people’s perception of it. This situation may be good for healthy debate, but it can create a volatile atmosphere, which can lead to lasting consequences.

The court trying Eddie Ray Routh to the murder of Chris Kyle finds themselves in this condition. For anyone living under a political rock for the past few months, the Oscar nominated movie “American Sniper” depicts the life of the Iraq veteran sniper Chris Kyle. The soldier nicknamed “Legend” is the deadliest sniper in American military history, with a hundred and sixty confirmed kills.

The success of the movie – a hundred and five million over a January weekend – has given the case an unprecedented amount of press, as well as vitriol for the defendant. The movie made sure not to depict the actual shooting of Kyle, but noted that he was killed “by a veteran he was trying to help” at the end of the movie.

This line was enough to unite the fans of the movie against Routh, with many calling for a guilty verdict, with more extreme examples even suggesting execution. Kyle’s widow – Taya Kyle – went on record with the Los Angeles Times, condemning the defense’s strategy of using Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to plea for temporary insanity.

The rush of media attention and the venom of public opinion are making it hard for the defense to see a fair trial coming for Routh. The likelihood that the movie will influence prospective jurors regarding Routh’s fate is very real. Surveys and legal studies on jury selection, as well as experience gathered from sources such as indicate that media such as movies and op-ed pieces are very influential in the mid-teen to young adult demographics.

Routh will just have to contend with the success of the movie hounding his trial, though it’s unlikely that a judge will approve a change of venue or postponement. The nationwide – and even international – attention the movie has received, renders the local bias argument redundant.